Anyone else meet UFC Matt Hughes and treated badly?

I am a huge fan of the UFC and went to the weigh ins and brought gloves for the fighters to sign so I could display in my "UFC" room. All the fighters signed my gloves as well as Dana White and Big Jon and were so awesome. The ONLY ONE who was so stuck up was Matt Hughes. I USED TO be a big fan of his but he said he wouldn't sign the glove because I might sell it on ebay (which I wouldn't as I was even asking the fighters to personalize it with my name). I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE THE WAY MATT HUGHES TREATS HIS FANS. I guess he doesn't need any fans. What a black eye it gives to the UFC and the sport in general when it is all about money. His website tries to make him look so great but it doesn't say much for his character and I was JUST WONDERING IF ANYONE ELSE MET MATT HUGHES AND WAS HE JUST AS BAD??


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To the guy that wrote about the UFC fighters getting tired of signing autographs...they aren't Brad Pitt and George Clooney...they can pretty much still go to any place in the US and not get ambushed because they aren't top celebrities! It's not like they're asked more than any other sports athlete. Matt Hughes is a big jerk and you can definitely tell by when he was on the Ultimate Fighter. HE'S A BIG JERK and arrogant is a good word to describe him.

And they used to talk Sh*t about Tito's attitude and arrogance, Matt Hughes definitely takes the cake.

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yeah he's a big jerk e wouldnt sign nuttin for me either

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don't you think these guys get sick of signing stuff for you morons. they are normal people just like you and I, just because they've trained to kick someones *** does'nt mean you should go asking for autigraphs like your 12 years old still, unless you are 12, then you got screwed, if your older then 12 then grow up and stop worshipping other men. just watch the fight and enjoy those guys pounding each other and leavin it all on the line.

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shoulda reminded him that he isnt that important. what a wankstain.

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Maybe he doesn't care if you like him. Maybe he thinks autographs are for kids. Maybe he had his mind on the upcoming fight. Maybe he doesn't like promoting fights. It really doesn't matter if he treats his fans poorly, as long as he shows up and kicks some ***. Professional wrestlers act like jerks on purpose to get their retarded fans caught up in manipulative melodrama. Anyway you can always become a GSP fan. I've never heard anyone complain about his personality.

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As much as I hate Matt Hughes, I hate GSP more. GSP thinks he is all cool and s h i t. NO HE IS NOT! He is a sore loser. I dare him to fight in his actual weight class, Middle Class, instead of beating up much smaller, in size, men.

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that is actually surprising to hear. he doesn't seem like that type. he does seem like the type not to be in it for the fame. i don't think he cares if people like him or not. he probably doesn't want to be a celebrity, unless tito ortiz (who would do or say anything for a buck).

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I've never had the opportunity to met Matt Hughes in person but everytime I've seen him on T.V. he comes off as being a complete A-hole! He acts like a stuck up jock in high school!

Gibraltar, 99% of the fighters, including Matt Hughes, fight in weight classess that are 15 - 20 lighter than their actual walking weight! It's called sucking weight and wrestler's like Matt Hughes have been doing it pretty much since there first competition!

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