How many people know that Milwaukee has a hockey team?

Yes, they do. Milwaukee Admirals


Play by play question?

Well, being from Wisconsin and living in Milwaukee for 4 years, I can tell you that many people from Wisconsin know. But as for the rest of the country, it is probably limited to the cities that have AHL teams that play against the Admirals. And even then, the AHL is not all that popular, so there probably isn't many people nationally that know.

By the way, the Admirals have been one of the best teams in the AHL for a few years now. They won the Calder Cup in 03-04 (AHL version of Stanley Cup).

I just wish WI would have an NHL team. It is a hockey state and there are many hockey fans. I grew up playing hockey and always followed the Minnesota North Stars (now the Dallas Stars), the Chicago Blackhawks and now the Minn. Wild too.

Who are your favorite announcers, analysts and hockey writers?

no i didnt know that thanks for letting us know

Most expensive hockey card ?

i didn't

Just curious, lots of comments about hockey fans hating Ottawa Sens . why, is it the players, the location?

You learn something new everyday...

Buffalo sabres interview with ryan miller and brian campbell from all star week?

yeah but its not in the NHL
tons of cities have teams

Why can't Rangers fans be civil, even when they win?

that's great news! are they all big and hairy like the waukee's in star wars.

Which captain stays in Buffalo?

The better question is, who cares?

Cleaning My Hockey Gear?

yes they are an ahl team. from what i have read they are pretty good.i am from chas sc originally and who would believe they have a hockey team there. it is also a minor league team the echl. where do you think alot of the good nhl players come from.the nhl signs them to a contract and sends them to the minor league to get the experience.

North Dakota Fighting Sioux logo?

Yeah, the Admirals play in the AHL. Them and my Chicago Wolves have been rivals ever since the Wolves expanded for the old IHL back in 1994.

Sabres sign briere and drury?

Didn't Buzz Schneider play there for a couple of years before he played for the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal team? A lot of good players have gone thru Milwaukee.

Did Michigan State win the NCAA Hockey National Championship?

not in the NHL, just a minor league team.

When do tickets for the 2008 NCAA Hockey Frozen Four Finals in Denver go on sale?

I live in Florida and I know that Milwaukee has an AHL team.

What happened to Tie Domi? (was a hockey player)?

They are the farm team for Nashville.

Who will finish 8th in the eastern conference?

Cool. What league?

Is Martin Broduer a douche off the ice?

Yeah the Admirals of the AHL.

Do you think that salaries in sports is getting out of hand?

So does Wilkes Barrie/Scranton(the Penguins aka Baby Pens). So does Hershey(the Bears). I could name some more AHL teams. Heck I could even get into OHL teams(underage not minor league). Yeah they are hockey teams but they aren't NHL teams.

I think the penguins have the talent to make a run in the east this year,,but they need to add a peice or two-

I didn't, because most people only follow NHL..

Omg how bad would this suck?

I had no idea

Can anyone find me 2 tickets for the ranger/devil game?

I live in Wisconsin, and I remember maybe 10 years ago, my dad brought me to a game, and a stray puck flew into the stands and smashed this woman on the head. The game was delayed for some time and she had to go to the hospital... that was my first hockey game.

I've loved it ever since.

Wisconsin has a rich tradition of US hockey, along with the Admirals in the AHL we also have, the Green Bay Bobcats of the old USHL (when it was a minor league) to the new USHL Green Bay Gamblers (teir 1 prep hockey). The Great Lakes League, Division I Wisconsin Badgers, Division III St. Norbert's College (google them), just to name a few.

Don't mess with Wisco hockey...

Why is it when Im watching any other team than Pittsburgh the reporter always brings up Sidney Crosby?

Anyone who follows the AHL would know that. They're the Predators' minor league affiliate. So what?

Sabres fans: What are Rene Robert, Rick Martin, and Gilbert Perreault doing now?

the milwaukee admirals started play in the ihl and moved up to the ahl. a fun team to watch and had a wonderful rivalry with the fort wayne komets back in the late 70's in the ihl.
so i guess i do know they had a team eh

Who has the most goals in Penguins history?

It's not NHL so who really cares. If we counted Minor League Hockey than nearly every city in the US has a team.

Why is the NHL actually the NBA now?

Everyone, now that you have told us.

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