How do you find salaries for sports?

Ok here is my question. I wanna find how much room say the steelers, or penguins have on there roster. So i will know how much money they can spend next year, or how much they have to spend on the trading deadline. So anyone know where i can find that kind of information at?


1 on 1 Come on?

you will have to do the math but you can see everyones salary for the 06/07 year here

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yeah you search the internet

Ice hockey transition? has the listings of every NHL team, i'm not sure about nfl or such. but it definitely has the penguins salary list.

Versus in HD on DirecTV?

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I know that ESPN provides you with player's salaries, if you know the team's overall money bank you can find out

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shows everyones salary.

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You pay yahoo to use the Yahoo people search to locate a player's personal information. Then, you call the players personally and ask them...:)

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