NHL Change the Schedule!?

Question:How many here actually LIKE the nhl Schedule? Personally i would LOVE have each team play each other at least once a year. LIKE say Lets actually have the Northeast division face off with the Pacific. REALLY you gotta laugh you have San Jose and Anaheim two of the best in the west and they don't EVER face Buffalo in the east (this year) who respectably is one if not the best in the east.

By the way GO SHARKS (at least get out of this bloody slump!)


Are the dimensions of the NHL rink bigger than other levels, such as WSHL junior hockey?

I liked it better when teams played each other at least once home AND away each season. I would like to see that scenario return, though it might be tough with the number of teams. At any rate, every team should play every team at least once. I don't mind playing teams within your own division more, but instead of eight games, they could cut it down to five or six.

Who wanted to fight?

The current schedule is really horrible. I'm sooo tired of seeing the same matchups over and over. Buffalo might not be flying so high if they had to go out West more often.

And what's up with Nabokov? He was so good early in the season.

Bufflao Sabres fans (this isnt a question)?

every team should play eachother twice a year, each conference plays 3 times a year, and each division plays 5 times a year. at the very least.

Did any body watch the blue jackets game on sunday?

put Detroit in the east

Is ottawa really going to beat buffalo?

I agree completely. I want to see each team play every other team at least once a year. St. Louis and Detroit played one another three times within three weeks! Good grief! And the Western Conference needs to prove itself by having to face Crosby and Ovechkin more often!

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