Who is the greater hockey player, Gretzky or Lemieux?

Question:My friend's cousin and I have been at this debate for a loooooooooong time, so I'm puttin it to the people. I say that "The Great One" is the best hockey player ever, but my buddies cousing swears that Lemieux was the better player.

Let me know what the people think so I can finally tell this guy to shut up.


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It's Gretzky, for sure, and I'll tell you why:

Single Year Records

Most Points in one season.
Wayne Gretzky: 215 - Edmonton Oilers - 1985-86

Most Goals in one season.
Wayne Gretzky: 92 - Edmonton Oilers - 1981-82

Most Assists in one season.
Wayne Gretzky: 163 - Edmonton Oilers - 1985-86

Longest Consecutive Point scoring streak.
Wayne Gretzky: 51 games - Edmonton Oilers - 1983-84

All-Time Records

Most Goals scored in a career.
Wayne Gretzky: 894 - Oilers, Kings, Blues, Rangers - 1979-99

Most Assists in a career
Wayne Gretzky: 1963 - Oilers, Kings, Blues, Rangers - 1979-99

Most Points in a career
Wayne Gretzky: 2857 - Oilers, Kings, Blues, Rangers - 1979-99

Most 100 or more Point seasons.
Wayne Gretzky: 15 - Oilers, Kings, Blues, Rangers - 1979-99

Most 50 or more Goal seasons.
Wayne Gretzky: 9 - Oilers, Kings, Blues, Rangers - 1979-99
*Shared with Mike Bossy*

50 Goals in 50 Games
-(3 times) Wayne Gretzky [1982, 1984, 1985]
-(1 time) Mario Lemieux [1989]

60+ Goal Seasons
-Wayne Gretzky: 5
-Mario Lemieux: 4

All-Time Points Per Game
-Wayne Gretzky: 1.92
-Mario Lemieux: 1.88
*#1 and #2 respectively

Career Power Play Goals
-Wayne Gretzky: 34
-Mario Lemieux: 29

Longest Consecutive Point Scoring Streak, One Playoff Year
-17 Games: Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton Oilers, 1988

Most 3 or More Goal Games, Career
10-Wayne Gretzky (record holder)

Most Game Winning Goals, Career
24-Wayne Gretzky (tied with Brett Hull)
*the only Lemieux near the top of this list is Claude (19)

Most Points, One Playoff Year
47-Wayne Gretzky, 1985
44-Mario Lemiuex, 1991
43-Wayne Gretzky, 1988
40-Wayne Gretzky, 1993
38-Wayne Gretzky, 1983

Okay, so, this is just a small list of things that Gretzky has done in his great career. I'm not trying to say that Lemieux is not a great player. He is probably in my top 5 players (it's a tight list with players like Bobby Hull and Gordy Howe and similar greats). I'm merely saying that Gretzky is the better player, and, in fact, the best player to ever lace up the skates. If you can compile me a list of things that Lemieux accomplished that can top this list above, then you'll sway me. But for now, Gretzky is, and will be for a very, very long time, the greatest hockey player ever.

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Without a doubt, Gretzky Gretzky, Gretzky. No explaination needed!!!!

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This will forever be a great debate. The answer however is The Great One. Lemieux never broke any of his major records and only won his cups when the Pens brought in established stars. Gretzky 92 goals Lemieux (supposedly a better goal scorer 85) and as a passer he is not even close to what Gretzky did.

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Lemieux may have been more gifted when he had the puck, but no one could be ahead of the play better than Gretzky. He would always be where the puck was going, Mario couldn't master that as well as Wayne.

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Gretzky. Lemieux didn't play as many seasons due to injury and illness.

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i think there both good but had lemieux not had health problems he could hve been beter than gretzky. its a tie

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It's Gretzky, Lemieux was good, but how many times have you seen the Great One literally skate around the defense so quickly he looked like a blur and take a shot straight at the net? On the other hand sometimes Lemiex's mind wasn't always on the game and he was either stick checked by a slower defense player or he would get the puck past the blue line and dump the puck in the corner. The Great one, definetly.

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Super Mario I feel is the better player. He made plays and would wonder how he did that.

Schdule question?

Finding the answer to this is simple, look at there nicknames.
The Great One vs Super Mario
While being super is always good, your asking who is "Greater" so you obviously have to go with The Great One, Gretzky himself. Ask anyone who follows hockey and 99% of them will tell you wayne gretzky is the greatest hockey player to ever live. People who do not even follow hockey know the name Wayne Gretzky, because he is just that good.

Devils underrated?

they are both great players, Gretzky also had a team and players to play with that where also great players like Messier, Anderson, Kurri, Coffey and a lot more compare to what Lemieux had when he started his career. Lemieux had to do most by himself and if he never had Cancer he could of came very close to beating Gretzky's scoring titles. Lemieux was the better scorer between the two and to me i think Lemieux was the best all around player then what Gretzky was. So I would have to go with Mario Lemieux on this one cause he didn't have the same talented players as Gretzky had with the Oilers.

Wayne Gretzky got his nickname before he played in the NHL. the great one.

GO HABS GO!!!!!!!1

Why is his nickname...?

Gretzky lemiux was too weak and always got injured

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One can only wonder if Mario had not faced the injureys he did if he could have broken some of Gretzky's records.

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Lemieux all the way. Even though he was plagued with injuries and illnesses through is career. He had something Gretzky didn't which was magic hands. He would score these amazing goals which I would try to imitate as a kid. Gretzky would make great plays, but Lemieux would make beautiful ones. Does anybody remember in 1991 in the Prince of Wales conference final against Boston where Lemieux split the Bruins defence and turned Ray Bourque inside out and went top shelf on Andy Moog. I was a huge Bruins fan at the time and even I went nuts for that goal.

Why am I having doubts now?

Who originally retired with 2 Points Per Game AVERAGE? That was The BEST(translation Lemieux) Who Scored on his FIRST SHOT of his FIRST SHIFT in his FIRST GAME? That was Super Mario. Who was the only player in history to score a goal each of the 5 ways(Even Strength, Power-Play, Shorthanded, Penalty Shot, Empty Net) in the same game? That was Lemieux. To be fair I am from the Pittsburgh area so I would be biased to him anyway. Who played after his final radiation treatment for Hodgeskin's? Want me to go on about how many amazing things he DID. I probably won't convince you and maybe you could offer a fair counter with Gretzky.
Oh and since I see people talking about who had more points and records I will say see above. PPG is what we can REALLY base who had more points on. IF Mario played at the level he played at and played as many games as Gretzky then he SMASHES the records. Now that doesn't say he WOULD have, it says that with all we have to base on he COULD have. This is a debate that will go on but leaves out some great players. They will likely forever be the best. Jagr is amazing though. Almost same period of time for most of his career so he is kinda left out. I think we should be lucky that we had them both and had Jagr and other amazing players when we have.

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Gretzky Gretzky Gretzky Gretzky Gretzky Gretzky Gretzky Gretzky !!!!!! jus look at the record books

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Gretzky. Lemieux can barely stand in his shadow. Sorry, Mario.

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Wow what an interesting question:

It depends on how you define "greatest hockey player" if its by achievements than clearly its Gretzky All time leader in almost all categories and 4 Stanley Cups to Lemieux's two. However if you at saying simply most talented I have to go with Lemieux.

Lemieux had the unfortunate situation of 1) Playing with a TON of crap teams for a LOT of his career while Gretzky played with legends like Messier, Kurri, and others to open up the ice for him and put in passes. 2) Lemieux played most of his career in the congested hold/hook/slash days of the 90s while Gretzky benefited from the open ice of the 70s and early 80s. 3) Injuries almost every year Lemieux missed at least 20 games, he even missed a season and 1/2 of his prime due to cancer.

Despite all of these setbacks Lemieux averaged nearly two points per game (prior to coming out of retirement was over two points per game) the highest of ANY player. If Lemieux played with teammates like Gretzky had in Edmonton, in the early era of Gretzky's career and Gretzky played with the HORRIBLE penguins and had all the injury problems than with out a doubt Lemieux would crush all of Gretzky's records.

Lemieux was more naturally talented, Gretzky capitalized on his good fortune. Both are great and leave it at that.

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Lemieux because he did just as much with less talent around him. Don't take me wrong, I think Gretzky was a great player, it's just that I was more impressed with Mario.

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LEMIEUX-- Enough said - Crosby will be far greater than that Wayne guy from Ont. OK, I'm from Crosby's hometown, but mark my words. You can give me " Best Answer" now if you like.

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