Rolston or Gaborik?

Brian Rolston has 26 goals and 28 assists presently for the Mn Wild. Marian Gaborik has 22 goals and 14 assists despite missing 34 games after being injured. Who is the better player? All-Star Marian Gaborik or newly founded Brian Rolston?


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What's missing in the stats is the value that each player has to the team. Both Gaborik and even Demitra are world-class talents, but they tend to be injury-prone, which then leads the team to have to consider possible replacements to account for their spots in the roster if they go down. Rolston is a special player, but his value as a leader is what supercedes all stats. He is highly skilled, and seems to overcome injury. This may be part of the reason he is selected to be the team's captain, as well.

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rolston has been putting up 30 goal seasons since his days in boston from that list you left out demitra who aint to shabby himself

San Jose Sharks?

don't worry, he'll make his way up there.
i like him.
plus, he's been on the US national team and olympics.
he's a good player.

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I'd say Gaborik is the better player. Looking at his stats, he may only have 22 goals, but he's also only played 31 games. At that pace he could score almost 60 goals in a full 82 game season. Rolston has played twice as many games as Gaborik and has only 4 more goals? I don't think it's really comparable.

However, while Gaborik may be the more skilled player, Rolston may be more of an asset to the team. Gaborik hasn't played over 80 games since 02-03 and has had some injury issues, Rolston is more reliable than that. As skilled as a player is, they aren't very useful sitting in the press box, hurt.

NHL All-Star Game?

definatly marian goborik.missing thirty four games. just being 4 goals and 14 assist behind than a player of brian rolstons caliber he is a great player.

Who will be in the Stanley cup?

I think Gaborik has been playing better than Rolston since his return. After Gaborik has come back, the Wild are playing very well.

Do u think the wild will win the stanley cup in three years?

No doubt in my mind Marian Gaborik. That is all i have to say

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Definitely Gaborik. He has similar stats to Roloston even with his injury. Wait, how is Rolston newly found? I'm not sure but i think hes kinda old.

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Gaborik is better when he's on the ice... as others have said though... when a player is somewhat injury prone it does lessen their overall value to a team. Eric Lindros was/is a perfect example of that.

If both are healthy though and I had to choose one over the other to play in the lineup I'd go with Gaborik.

And yes... I'd agree... Demitra is the best player on the team... better than both Gaborik or Rolston but that wasn't the q asked.

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Gaborik is the better player, skill wise. However he is not durable and you can count on him missing at least 15-20 games per year. Rolston has really com on these past 3 years. He is a great player who does all of the little things well, whereas Gaborik is primarily an offensive threat.

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It has to be Gaborik. Albeit Rolston is a very solid player. But, as Gaborik goes the Wild go. He is the hear and soul of this team.

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Goals and assists are not the only measures of a hockey player.


Is anyone with me as a Wings fan? Dont count them out. They are way better, they just need to get faster.?


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That's a tough one but i'm gonna have to say Gaborik because his speed and his shot put together is just plain lethal. Though, you have to give some props to Rolston. He's got a nasty slap shot.

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Rolston is pretty impressive

Observation time, is R. Neidermayer playing like he needed the suspension along with Pronger for tonight's gam

gaborik. he was the team's first pick ever and he is such an amazing player he's near the top of the team in scoring even though playing half as many games as rolston. rolston has that good shot but gabby is the star of this team and will be for years.

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Rolston is the more rugged player with stronger leadership skills while Gaborik is far and away the more skilled of the two.

It is somewhat like comparing Messier and Gretzky on the 1980s Oilers (though not nearly as powerful a tandem). While you certainly value Messier's leadership and toughness, without the Gretzky skill factor the Oilers would not be the team they were.

Minnesota's average record with Gaborik out of the lineup and amazing record with him in the lineup bears this out.


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