Do you think the nhl needs to strict in regards to headshots and concussions?

i know the oilers had about 5or 6 concussions this year this is crazy how many time i heard about guys getting concussions , and i never hear about guys getting fined or suspended, if things dont change it will only get worse


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Not all concussions are caused by dirty hits.

Wouldn't it be nice?

I agree. There seems to be little regard for the safety of everyone but that isnt just a league office issue. Players need to be more respectful of one another, it sure looks like a lot of guys are going headhunting this year. Because of the new rules teams cant go after the headhunters simply because they will get penalties on top of the injuries. If they would allow the teams to protect their players a lot of this would stop. There also seems to be a lot of goaltenders being run this year, as soon as one of the highly paid ones gets a serious injury the owners will start screaming as the teams cant replace them and it ruins Cup runs. Fines wont work,the collective bargaining agreement allows for a maximum fine of $1000.00 per incident but suspensions might be the answer because they lose game checks for every game they are suspended. Unless they put fighting back into the game or start handing out stiff penalties for elbows to the head or leaving their feet to hit a head with shoulders then someone will ultimately end up with a serious injury and the media will bash the sport all over again (remember how much coverage the Bertuzzi/Moore incident got). Good hard hitting hockey is awesome and a game can be played with good hard clean checks and lots of physical play...right now too many guys are crossing that line.

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It's good that this is being talked about.. it been on Sportscenter and getting some pub in the news lately. Head injuries haven't been recognized as serious because its not exactly a visible wound or something you wear a cast over.. its all internal. Only the player knows how much it hurts. Of course its shrugged off as nothing, and players who do succomb to it look weak (Eric Lindros).
Hopefully the NHL will put some rules in to deter head shots and such, but its hard to say that anything will happen before another player gets seriously injuried.

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no. they shouldnt be punished or fined. thats ridiculous.
you play the game, its always a possibility.


If more players wore their helmets properly, with the chinstrap tightened, there would be many less concussions...

the NHL has rules that, among others, allow players to finish their checks, and that allow touch icing; both are insanely dangerous sometimes...I think it starts from the top - the NHL and the NHLPA have to set a penalty standard which is enforced, regarding ANY plays that may seriously injure another player, and especially "dirty" hits...perhaps suspensions that last the length of time that the injured party is out of the game would change the game...

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Might be a good idea, but that would constitute sensible action, which Mr. Bettman ain't allowing.

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