Is Sid the Kid the MVP this year and are the Pens for real?


What is the name of the song that Plays when the Penguins score a goal?

Luongo is the MVP and the Pens are as real as their goaltending.

Is Ryan Miller going to be the Sabres downfall?

if they were for real they would still be playing, am i wrong?

Who designed Martin Biron's mask?

No, they are not for real, until they really go somewhere. Making the playoffs, is nothing. Lets win, a round or two, and maybe people will take them seriously. Myself, I dont think much of them at all. I dont think they will be able to afford these guys, for very long.

What are good songs for...?

I think Sid is the MVP.

However, the Pens are far from for real at this point. To be for real, you need to have four quality lines, not four quality forwards.

Whats the deal with attendance in New Jersey?

I don't think Sid is MVP nor do I think the Pens are for real.
Put any young gun on Sid's line, and he's bound to produce. I don't believe he singlehandedly got the Pens to the playoffs. Just look at his great supporting cast. Fleury has yet to prove himself and only until/if he becomes a bonafide star netminder, they're not going anywhere. But once the young Pens grow up and earn real contracts with big money, the Pens won't be able to keep them all under the cap.
Luongo should win the Hart because he ACTUALLY singlehandedly got the Canucks to the playoffs. Sure Brodeur's number were good, but the Devils are a lock to advance to the conference finals/second round every year. Take away Luongo, the Canucks could very well be near the bottom of the West.

What is the exact rule concerning the blue area in front of the goal?

is it possible for one day to pass without his name being mentioned here and if the pens were for real they would still be playing now

The Devils were busy with Saddam Hussein in the 3rd period.?

All you guys are gay. You just dont want to accept that Crosby is the not only the future of the league but its best player already. He is the only teenager to win a scoring title in any professional sport. The pens are for real. You cant expect us to win the stanley cup when half our players are under age 25. And stop b*tchin about Crosby just cause you are jealous your team doesn't have him. 87=MVP

Vancouver DOES NOT deserve to win?

I think Crosby has been fairly productive. It is only his 2nd season after all and he made the transition right from Juniors to the NHL. Not to mention that, prior to this year, he had crap around him for support.

I think the Pens this year were pretty flukey (don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Pens fan). Staal probably won't put up those types of numbers again. Malkin can be good if he has space but once that's gone he blends into the boards. Roberts and Recchi have got to be sacraficing chickens to be able to play at 400 years old. I see Gonchar falling apart way before his contract is up. The biggest question mark is Fleury. Some days he's golden other days a goat. I was pissed then they took him 1st overall passing on Staal. Hell, I would have rather had Vanek who went 5th since the team needed scoring at that time.

End of the day, it will be left to see if the Pens can sign any of these guys when negotiations come. Crosby and Malkin are both going to pull huge coin - valid or not. Plus other players like Whitney, Orpik, Armstrong and even Staal are going to have above average asking prices.

The Pens always seem to be an incubator. They are able to draft good players, develop them somewhat and then lose them.

If a goalie's skate is hit by the puck in the trapazoid is it a penalty?

sid is the mvp: haters, suck it up.
the pens are becoming for real.
they worked their you know whats off to get into the playoffs, then they choked.
malkin is a wimp on ice at times.
crosby is the gretzky jr.
staal gets lucky alot, he needs to shine some more though, you cant win a game on all short handed goals.
fleury is my favorite hockey player of all time but until he gets his confindence up after he lets a goal slip, which dont get me wrong he has been doing great at, the pens arent going to win.
thibault works as hard as he can,it really sucks that he had to get that dang surgery.
crosby needs to not pass so often.
talbot is mad max. period.
oulette is no longer miss the net oulette.
melichar screws up way to much.
whitney likes to shoot and miss.
gonchar...needs to improve.
eaton hasnt made an incredible comeback.
recchi is the man.
roberts is the man.
laraque needs to do his job and kill someone.
orpik needs to stop trying to take laraques job, bc he'll die out there.
mr colby armstrong needs to keep playing hard and no matter what they say, him and crosby are still the dinamic duo.
malone isnt doing so swell. he needs to play harders.
main points:
keep fleury working with the goaltending coach.
and get some damn defence!

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Crosby will win the award, however I do not believe he should. The leauge needs a new marketable guy to rally around and crosby fits well..similar to LeBran James in the N.B.A ...Vinny Lecavieler in Tampa clearly is more talented, carried the team, lead leauge in goals and was in the top 3 in 4 other offersive categories..plays defense much much much more than crosby ever will..and is a better leader of his team, has been improving each year he has been in the leauge and deserved the award this year.

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