What is the percentage difference between a hockey puck and hockey goal to a soccer ball and soccer goal?

Meaning, which is tougher to score a hockey goal or a soccer goal?


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I have played Soccer for about 12 years now, that includes, High School Varsity, and College ball. On my free time i play Hockey as well.

There are a Lot of factors in a question like this
- Are we talking one on one Break away ? If not, you can usually have up to 5-6 teammates crashing the net in soccer. Hockey .. not so much, crashing the net your looking at about 3 forwards.

Goalie Wise - In my opinion a Hockey Goal is a little harder to score on because of the size of the goalie and all the equipment in a slightly bigger net. In soccer you can Chip the Goalie, curve left - right. All depends on the goalies Position.

From a Goalies Perspective, i see being a Goalie in Soccer much more difficult. I'm not saying being a goalie in hockey is easy, i'm sure its very hard as well. But in soccer, there is a much bigger distance to cover, as a Goalie you must know when you come out, at what angle, when to dive.

In my opinion, its just as Hard to Score on Either goal. Maybe a little Easier to score on a soccer goal because of the Goalie Size - Goal Size ratio.

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Don't care. I want to like soccer, but it's just not doing it for me. My opinion, hockey goal is tougher to score on.

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you can't just use the size of everything to determine that...
you really are comparing apples to oranges

speed of the object is huge.game play.there are a hundred reasons why they're different.

but a soccer goal is about 24 feet wide and 8 feet high (192 square feet)
the ball is about 27 inches around

a hockey goal is 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall (24 square feet)
and I can't find the exact size of a hockey puck.i believe it's about 4" in diameter by an inch high

.there.i did some searching..you can hit up the calculator.

hope i helped a little bit

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If you think size matters, you also have to figure in the ratio of the hockey goalie to the size of the net and the soccer goalie to the size of the net.

I would say a hockey goal is tougher to score. Even with the smallest goalie in minimal padding, there is much less net to shoot at.

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Haven't tried to score on either, so can't rate on MY ability. On looks though I'd say Hockey goal is harder. The Soccer goal is BIGGER, goalie doesn't cover like half of it by themselves. It is more about how well and high you can kick in soccer. Sure you see more goals SCORED in Hockey, BUT the rink is A LOT smaller then the soccer field. Have them play on a field the size of a rink and you would see more goals scored in soccer.

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