What are the chances that the Penguins will move to Hartford?

Bring back the Whalers!!


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The chances of that are very remote. The penguins are an aqautic bird adapted to inhabit colder climates in the southern hemisphere, mainly Antarctica. Since these flightless birds spend half of their lives on land, and the other half in the ocean, Hartford would be an unlikely city for them to relocate given its ackward proximity from the ocean.

If the penguins did decide to move to Hartford, the trip alone would be very taxing since they can only ride an iceberg for so long before it melts and they either have to swim, or catch a ferry. Then, once on land, they would have to take a bus to Hartford which would again be difficult since they don't have opposing thumbs in which to exchange currency and no place to carry currency for that matter.

In the rare event that a penguin does emigrate to Hartford, it can survive if kept on the ice at the local skating rink and is fed a healthy diet of ice cubes.

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im not sure about this one

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Zero percent chance, the two choices now are houston or saskatchuan(or however you spell that) in canada. Maybe they'll even stay in pitt, but Hartford, no.

I heard the penguins got souray in a trade and it has not been anounced yet ,,is this true?

Kansas City, Houston and Winnipeg are the three prospective cities Lemieux is looking at. Hartford needs a better rink before they can play there again.

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Help !!!!!!!!?

Zero. All due respect but what memorable moments league-wide did the Whalers give us? Their glory years were in the WHA when they were based in Boston.

As much as I love history and retro stuff, it makes no economic sense or even hockey sense to move back to Hartford.

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0. Hartford has a team, the Hartford Wolfpack.

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The chances of them moving is very slim, don't get your hopes up. The Pirates and Steelers bothed got denied at first, but the city doesn't want to lose it's teams. They will find a plan and get it built.

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None you will see them go to Southern Ontario or to Vegas before any where else

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First of all I hope the Penguins stay in Pittsburgh. If the Penguins move Pittsburgh and the Penguin fans will have the PA gaming board to thank for it. If Hartford would ever have a chance to get an NHL team I wish them well.

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Chances are not good.

If I would want to be a pro hockey player when i grow up then how do i get so good?

I highly doubt any team will move to Connecticut.

The reason that the Whalers left CT was because they requested a new stadium, and they did not receive their wish; THUS they moved.

So, yeah. Unless Hartford makes a special new stadium for hockey, I doubt any team will move in.

Go see a Hartford Wolfpack Game.

Canucks or ducks..who will win??

Kansas City has a brand new arena waiting for them (or an NBA team), but I doubt they'll leave Pittsburgh. I hope the Penguins work out the issues and stay put. I live in KC and I'd love to have a hockey team, but I don't want one if it means stealing them from another city.

Leaf fans, do you think Ferguson Jr. has a plan or vision for the future. Should he stay or go?

Very Slim better Chance to grab the Penguins is for Kansas City Winnipeg, Houston and Portland Ore, to get, Hartford isn't even considered as a Relocation spot for Mario Lemieux's Penguins.

What was the "quest for the cup" tv code last night?

Personally, I don't think they are going anywhere.

If they do move, there is no clear-cut front runner. Just pick an American city without a team. Canada would be a sentimental destination but more money can be made south of the border.

Ed Belfour? whats going on..?

ZEROoo hopefully a miracle can happen and they will stay in Pittisburgh. But right now odds say KC and there brand new sprint Arena look like the new home for crosby and the boys.

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Very slim i heard that if they do move the franchise it will be heading to somewhere in Canada

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Slim to none. There's been a movement to bring the Penguins to
Canada. If that happens, Winnipeg and Hamilton could be likely
destinations. Quebec City would be another option. The problem
is the stupid territorial thing means the Leafs and Sabres would be the beneficiary of some type of financial windfall if a team was to land in Hamilton. Kansas City is also in the bidding war for the
Penguins as well. Read the links I have posted, which deals with the cities vying for the Penguins. jdog33, Houston had a WHA franchise called the Aeros. Saskatchewan lost an attempt to buy the St. Louis Blues and move them to Saskatoon. It would never work in Saskatchewan, because they don't have the population base to support an NHL team. This is the province that has almost lost their CFL franchise on multiple occasions. An NHL team is much more difficult to support, because the value of an NHL franchise is many times greater than the value of any CFL franchise.

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Mickey Nation>>>>>> i hope this is a joke because that was funny, cause you do know hes talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins moving to Hartford the NHL hockey team not the Birds that cant fly. LOL


GO HABS GO!!!!!!1

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