How did you get into Hockey part 2?

Question:continuation of Hockey F-ing rocks.
What drew you to this sport?
What went through your mind when you went on the feild or the ice rink with the stick in your hand?
ce,Feild or roller as long as its Hockey.

I woke up one morning with nothing but Hockey on my mind, I watched a game and got hooked from the start.


What are the chances that the Penguins will move to Hartford?

I never really cared for hockey until I went to college. I was lucky that my school ( Boston University) had a very competitive hockey team. The college game had and continues to have certain advantages over the pro game in that it has more end to end action more passing and less rough stuff. What made me a hockey fan though was my first trip to the Beanpot( a hockey tournament pitting BU, Boston College, Harvard and Northeastern.) It was played in the old Boston Garden( I am dating myself here) and the games were so good and the crowd so raucous it made me a hockey fan forever. Thereafter I had the opportunity to go to a couple of Bruins games and continued to follow the sport when I eventually moved to Los Angeles.

Will the canadians be able to hold on to the 8th place? they have been great these last few games?

1. Fun sport to watch
2. You can cheer your team, boo the refs, and make a spectacle of yourself and get away w/it.
3. the skill involved is have to try to get a puck ( ding dong sized object) past adude who is like Gumby w/a long stick..on skates.. and al the time somebody is trying to knock your A** out.
4. Fans are fun to are more like an extended family
5. The players ( the ones I've met aka Ducks) are very very nice and will sign anything and talk to you like a normal person, not stuck ups.
6. We only have a few bad apples in hockey..most stay out of jail..can't say that about some other sports *ahem*
7..Added bonus..many guys who play are Hot!
8. I got into the games b/c of the stupid basball strike..I haven't watched a basbal lgame since the last strike..

Why do some people call the Montreal Canadians Habs?

my family has always watched hockey, but i never watched it really.
it was always on my tv.
so the begining of last season, my best friend is crazy hockey fan and got me into it.
now we are ser. the biggest pittsbugh penguin fans ever.
we associate numbers with players. its weird.
thats how i got into it.

Why is the Detroit hockey team named the Dead Things?

I started watching hockey because of Steve Yzerman! How hot is he? I have missed seeing him out on the ice.

Michigan or North Dakota in NCAA tournament? I'm picking MI, but North Dakota seems tough.?

I live in Canada and grew up in Toronto. Leafs fan for life. We watched HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) every Saturday night. Back then there were only 6 teams. By the time I was 11 yrs old the Leafs had won at least 4 Stanley Cups. It's in my blood. I'm 50 yrs old and I still play hockey. Love the speed, action, skill, excitement and of course the BEER!

Which was dirtier?

It's weird...I got some hockey cards at a toy store when I was about 12 or 13. I had never even seen a game, but I loved the cards. I learned all the players names and stats. I started collecting more and more hockey cards.

About a year later, I finally went to a game. It was a Rangers / Whalers game in Hartford. It was great.

I still didn't really watch hockey on tv though, until I was a senior in college. I like rediscovered hockey during the stanley cup playoffs - the year that the Tampa Bay Lightning won. I was hooked. But then the next season was cancelled due to the lockout! Ever since the lockout, I've watched as many games as I could.

So, I guess what really got me into hockey was the cards.

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