Do you think the Phillies should move to another city?

Question:Vancouver, Montreal, New Orleans, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, and Charlotte all sound like a nice place to set up shop.

They would be welcomed in their new city and will make some of us in Philly happy to have no baseball over any sort of Phillies baseball.

This organization is the worst. Nothing but yes men who care only about their debt service versus profitability. Somewhere along the way during the business meeting, the YesMen use the words "winning" and "baseball" here and there.


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What did those other cities do to you? Why would you wish the Phillies on them? That's not nice . . .

Can A girl play Hockey?

no. they couldnt move and second there are no other ball parks that would really make them that much beter. they just need to get helthy and howard has to start hitting like he did last year.

Do you know these hockey terms?

We will trade you for the rockies, straight across. Same situation is here.

Vancouver Canucks Rule yah We Rule or is it Anaheim?

This the Hockey caterogy, not the Baseball Caterogy, But if the Phils anywhere Try Orlando Florida can use One More Baseball Team in the Sunshine State.

What's the best way to build a championship team?

we shouldn't even be thinking bout this it will never happen

Since Bobby Orr began his NHL career in 1966, who have been the ten best defensemen.?

Yeah Montreal

Who has won it all in ice hockey?

Struggle or not the Flyers are a big part of the sports history of Philadelphia. I hope they never move.

Don't give up hope Flyer fans. It will take a little time to undo the damage Bobby Clarke did. But Phili is still a desirable place to play hockey. They'll return to glory.

Toronto Maple Leafs Powerplay ring tone?

well, I live in Toronto, and I will NEVER forget Joe Carters world series winning homerun, which I think it one of the best moments in baseball...

but if you're gonna move them, put them in Vancouver, the Mariners get alot of fans from there to watch their games

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No. They just had a bad start, a very bad start. They are turning it around and once they are healthy they will have a chance to get back into the east race.

How do they keep track of minutes on ice spent by all the players?

Maybe they should move to Breezewood and take the Flyers with them. Neither team seems to be good for much

What ever Happen to Felix Potvin, Trevor Kidd and Jamie Storr?

And this is under "Hockey" for WHAT reason?

What are the rules for minor penalties in hockey when a player fom both teams gets a penalty 1:30 apart?

Move 'em to Vegas, they're still bummed about losing the Expos to D.C.

Everybody that's not from Buffalo know the Sabres are not making the cup?

Lay off the Phils. They are headed in the right direction. It's not like they don't spend $. They have close to a 100 million payroll (about 90 I believe) so that's not exactly being cheap.
The coach might need to go and the 3rd base coach DEFINITELY needs to go. Gotta give Gillick a little time. He has done some good and some bad. Getting rid of Abreu was a great move. It's early, I think the Phils will get 90 wins this year.
On a sour note, sometime around the all-star break, they will lose their 10,000th game. arggh.

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