Amazing Save!?

Best Save i Have Ever Seen!!


What is wrong wit htodays NHL?


And I thought Sebastien Caron's Save Was the Best!!!

What is the easiest way to learn how to brake on ice hockey?

that was pretty amazing, but i've seen others like it before
what team was that?

Is it not right??

The one the Dr.made well you fell out of your mother

Name the only Taiwanese-born player to win the Norris trophy.?

It's an amazing save, but it's not anything that hasn't been seen before. Look at Ryan Miller this year. He had a save like that against Boston (link below), or the save he had against New Jersey (second link below). I know the second one is a glove save but still... It's a great save, yes, but not all that great. Hell about 90% of the saves on the third video are better then yours. like i've said a few times, good, just not that special.

Edit: And so was the first one of ryan's. they are both good saves, but that one isn't the best ever. What about some of the ones hasek had when he was in his prime? what about when he made a save using the blade of his skate while laying on his belly? there is no way that save is the greatest ever, but it is impressive none the less.

How cold is it in ice skating arenas?

that was a sweet save

Crosby vs Ovechkin?? Just kidding..?

I have a save that will top yours. Watch it!

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