Is it just me or is NHL hockey just not the same?

I know refs have always taken sides, but these Anaheim refs need to chill. In the old NHL, when real hockey was played and players had a chance to show their talent, you would never call to many men in a playoff game, giving two power plays in a row, just because your team wasnt good enough to score on the last powerplay called for the little pats they now like to call hooking. For God's sake, let them play the game! Am I not the only one that misses watching the real NHL.


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Naw man I agree with you completely. I miss getting to watch the players actually play without minuscule infractions being called. I think that certain penalties should obviously be called, however, I am seeing a lot of penalties, that are hardly penalties at all and have really no effect on the play at hand nor the player they are against, being called and it sometimes causes these teams the game. Especially in the playoffs! They need to let the players play and do what they do best.

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well, too many men is a pretty substantial call, if you dont call it and let teams get away with it, then doesnt the offending team get a temporary 6 on 5 advantage? you gotta make that call, its like high sticking or the puck over the glass, once you see it, its easy to make the call and impossible to dispute

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Yeah, let them put as many men on the ice as they want. Stop whining. You make moronic points. You don't remember Don Cherry's too many men? TOO MANY MEN ON THE ICE has always been a penalty and always will be, no matter if you are already on the PP or not. You come across as pathetic.

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The NHL is now a totally new game. The refs. now need to learn what calls to make and what they need to just eat their whistle on. Too many men is a questionable call. Unless the 6 guys start playing and it is totally obvious it should never be called in the playoffs.

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You are just being a sore looser. The refs should NOT not call stuff because it is the playoffs. The old NHL sucked. Players could not skate as well because of all the clutching and grabbing. It was more of a who can hold the player so they can get the puck. It has now turned into a more skilled game. Your team is loosing, don't blame it on the refs like a lot of other fans.

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