How many braziers do you think Cowan will get?

He is the brabarian ya know...


Any Sabres fans in the Little Rock area?

If I had Teets I'd give him mine.

What happened to Eric Daze?

I'm hoping for the canucks' sake, the more the better!

Eastern conference playoff push?

Lots. They have already started in the city. Everywhere he goes. Yesterday was a mad house at their practice.

Why are hockey fans so violent?

I'll throw mine for Chris Drury!

Is the Canucks latest streak an abberation or is it an indication of a better second half?

That's funny!! I thought the same thing when I heard he scored the winning goal.

I didn't see the game but I thought, here we go, bra sales double in Canada because all the girls will be throwing their's on the ice!!

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