Who will win the Stanley Cup in 2007? My pick is San Jose Sharks. Thornton, Hannan and Marleau: Mountain Men!!


How is "delayed offsides" in ice hockey different from "offsides"?

Buffalo, hands down. Anaheim v Buffalo. Buffalo in 6.

Whats wrong with the edm. oilers?

WAHOO!! I'm like the sharks biggest fan!! I'm from san jose so i guess that's why! But yes I think they're doing quite well this season. I sure hope they win!

Who is the best player on the Pheonix Coyotes hockey team?

The good thing about someone winning the Cup...THIS QUESTION CAN STOP BEING ASKED!!

Who was the first hockey player drafted to the NHL that was American?


Are Drury and Briere serious about their comments or are they posturing and saying the right things?

Red Wings!!!!!

How do you put a hockey blade in a shaft?

canucks all the way. anaheim sucks

Why is there a tie in Detroit's playoff history?

My pick would be the Canucks versus the Devils, too teams with one of the best goaltending, in 7. Devils will probably win though, since the Canucks can't score a single goal it seems. ;).

So Langcow can give Lebda a concusion by punching him in the face and get away with it?

Red Wings.
God I'm so tired of you bandwagon Sharks fans.
As a loyal Boston Bruins fan who has bleed black-and-gold thorugh it all (yes even the Thornton trade), I'm really getting annoyed with all you Sharks "fans" who seemingly came out of the woodwork in the playoffs and when San Jose started winning (where were you in the 90s when the Sharks sucked?). I realize that there may actually be a handful (literally) of actual Sharks hockey "fans" who aren't bandwagon jumpers, but the rest of you are really started to bug me. Hartford, Quebec City, and Winnipeg deserves a team more than San Jose.

I've got a Mike Modano rookie card.?


and im sick and tired of bandwagon wings fans.funny how you say that because you make it seem the sharks dont have any fans in california, is that why we sell out all the time? even during the regular season? ive been a sharks fan since day 1 the good ol cow palace days, and it always pisses me off when people say we dont deserve a team, who gives you the right to say who deserves a team and who doesnt? i think you need to go back and mind ya bidness. we have some of the best fans here in the sharks tank. only a small percentage are bandwagoners but what team doesnt have those? Imo your insulting alot of fans on here accusing them of bandwagoning. do you know for a fact that the dude who posted this question is a bandwagoner? people like you piss me off. i grew up watching and playing hockey since I was 4 yrs old, and I grew up in california and having a hockey team has been the best thing that has happened to the bay area, hockey is big here believe it or not, and the reason those cities you listed dont have a team is because they couldnt support it finanicially not enough revenue so what if we have a team, now your blaming us because were winning? sounds to me you need to get the sand out your vag and chill brotha

oh yea GO SHARKS!!!!!

Which NHL goalie holds the record for games played in a season and how many? Is it Belfour with 74?

The Wings are the team that has the most bandwagoners.

Does anybody in Beaufort, SC want to learn how to fence? As in, with foils, sabres, and epees.?

The San Jose Sharks do indeed wake up in the morning and piss Exellence. To quote Ricky Bobby and coach Wilson.

They are the youngest team in the NHL today. And one of the most powerful, with even more power in the system.

One Weak spot. Defense. They need a great De man at the point and to be able to get the play pushed up the ice...

So who will win? I Hope the Sharks, but it looks like the best all around team is Buffalo.

Does anyone else have trouble watching hockey games?

Red Wings

What are the songs played in the Wachovia Center when the Flyers score?

maybe but they can't beat the Ducks who will win it.

Will it be anaheim against buffalo for stanley cup? this is what i predicted months ago!?

Sharks need to win because it would be a awesome year because of the Warren ______

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