Which team will win the President's Cup?


Building your own hockey rink??

I hope it is any team but the Red Wings.

The President's trophy is a curse.

More intense athlete?


How can you get your player back in NHL 07?

sab's 'sabers'

Do u think Ryan Smyth should be the captain of the Oilers?


Let's Go Pens!

Hockey players and fans only?

The Buffalo Sabres.

Ryder goes insane?

Sabres will beat out detroit by 3 points for it

Who do you think will be the NHL scoring champ and why?

THE Buffalo Sabres.

How many penguins?

lets go sabres

Do the rangers have a chance of beating the sabers?

well its a toss up between detroit and buffalo, theres three games left for both teams, detroit up by one point i beleive...but who knows the ducks could do it yet too, and even nashville...hopefully its detroit, but i could care less, its the stanley cup that i care about!

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