Who deserves the Hart Trophy as the League's MVP?

I am not only looking for opinions, but also for people to knock different players with ridiculous arguments.


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Will the Hurricanes start Ward tonight?

Brodeur, fcuk Crosby. People are letting him get points.

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s. crosby

Has anyone officially welcomed Crosby to the NHL??

Joe Thornton deserves it again

Does anyone like the Phoenix Coyotes in NHL?

I have to say kiprusoff, but that's just cuz he rocks my crotch :)

seriously i 'd go with someone like luongo or crosby, even though i'm not a personal fan of either.

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As a Flames fan, it is almost painful to admit that the front-runner is..Luongo.

Take a look at the definition of the Hart trophy.the player judged to be the most valuable to his team. Now look at the team in front of him. The defence is questionable, and the offence is almost non-existant, yet they have managed to win 47 games, with the bulk of those being stolen by Luongo. Without him, the Canucks would be battling the Flyers for the worst team in the league.

Crosby is good, but he has some good young talent around him to back him up. He might be the best on that bunch, but he is not scoring 3.3 goals/game by himself.

Brodeur is a great goalie, but New Jersey always plays a strong defensive style in front of him. I would have him winning the Vezina over Luongo as I think he is the better goalie, while Luongo is the most valuable player to his team.

Thorton.sorry, but San Jose would still be a decent team without him, not as good, but still decent.

Kipper.not this year, sorry. The Flames have just become too much of a balanced team, that we didn't need him stealing points for us every night. He'll have to make do with the Conn Smyth trophy this year.

So yes, Luongo...oh, and.


Who here thinks Wings are finished?

Crosby, no doubt. The Pens would be out of the playoffs and headed to KC without him.

Hey Red Wing fans?

Crosby.Not only for his scoring,but for all of the assists.When he has two or three guys hanging on him he is still able to get the puck to his teammates for goals.If you say they are letting him get goals you must not have watched very many of his games,or you are a little bit mentally challenged.He's always getting held or taking cheap shots.That's why they got Laraque and Roberts so they would have a couple of enforcers.

Vapor XXXX or Supreme ONE90?

The big 3 who are considered the front runners by almost everyone are Crosby, Brodeur and Luongo. I think that Luongo has to get it.

Most hockey 'experts' said that Vancouver would not make the playoffs and that they would struggle all season long. The team has started to play well together. But, at the beginning of the season the only reason they were getting wins was because of Luongo. Now the team as a whole plays a good system and Luongo is there when needed. He has been great. He is the reason why going into the playoffs the Canucks can be considered a contender.

Crosby is amazing. No doubt about it. His Hart Trophies will come. The Pens have made a HUGE turnaround from last season. As of now, they are 2nd in the East. But, was it that unexpected? No one would've considered them a contender at the beginning of the season but I think most of us figured they would make the playoffs. There's no doubt that Sidney is the main reason for their success but he has a good support team. Malkin, Whitney, Fleury, Recchi etc. are all having awesome seasons. He is doing a lot of the work but he is not carrying the full weight of the team on his back like Luongo is, in my opinion.

I think the front runner as of now is Luongo, with Sidney in a close 2nd.

Pens/Sens game 3... how could Pittsburgh be so disrespectful?

Roberto Luongo - He really does put his hart into it!!

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I'm not into making ridiculous arguments, sorry to disappoint you.

I would pick Brodeur because he is having what is probably the best season by a Goalie in NHL history.

I'm not going to sit here and say Crosby or Luongo would be "wrong". Nor in fact would Thornton or Lecavalier be.

If you could pick one to build a team around who would it be Yzerman or Messier both in their prime.?

Stu Grimson was at the top of my list. But, since that's not possible - Brodeur by a landslide.

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Im a Sid fan, and I would love to see him win it this year. However, Mr. Brodeur deserves it more than anybody. His defense is actually pretty weak with Scott Stevens retiring and Neidermeyer leaving. Rafalski is the only decent d-man on the Devils squad, unless you count Colin White...I wouldnt. Without Martin, the Devils would be horrible, their top scorer only has 66 points. Besides Martin Brodeur has been the deciding factor in way too many games to take this award away from him. Luongo is great, but the Canucks have enough firepower to at least compete for a playoff spot w/o him. Cros is amazing and his hockey sense is sensational, but Malkin, Gonch, Rex, Colby, Staal, the Flower, and Whitney have been too good this year. Crosby has helped a great deal, but this team would still be decent without him. Give Sid the Kid the Art Ross and give Luongo the Vezina, but the Hart goes to New Jersey's netminder.

Who has a higher chance of winning tonight in San Jose VS Edmonton?

I really think that Crosby will get the Hart. I was watching the Pens/Caps game on Center Ice Tuesday this week and I had the Caps commentators. Both of them were saying how they were 100% sure that Crosby would get league MVP. Now, when the opposing team's commentators are voting for him to win...kinda makes you think!

Oh yeah, and they didn't even mention Ovechkin in that conversation...

Other possibilities: Brodeur, Luongo, LeCavalier, Thornton (all obvious answers)

Let's Go Pens!

How many points do the flames have to be up until they have clinched a playoff spot?

I can narrow it down to three but after that I can't make up my mind who I think should/will get it.

Sidney Crosby and Roberto Luongo--neither one of their teams would be where they are without them.

Brodeur. He is having a fantastic year.

What happened to all the ducks fans are they still here?

OK this with make some of you winch. I think there should be Co-MVP, Lecavalier and St. Louis. Here's why, we all know that Lecavalier leads in goals. BUT they are 3-4 in points and the biggest stat is they have 9 shorthanded goals between them. Think about it, without them Tampa would have nothing! You take Crosby or Thorton out and you still have a good team.

Why is it that the penalties are 3 times in favor to Calgry in the Saddledome than to any other team?

I think any of the Buffalo Sabres. They give a lot to their fans and everything. They are also amazing on the ice and is why all their games are sold out. I don't know why everyone thinks Sidney Crosby should get it I mean he sucks! He has no real game and is a pansie. He is uglier than my a.s.s too! so THERE PENGUINS FANS! E-MAIL ME IF U GOT CRAP 2 SAY TO ME ABOUT MY ANSWER!

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