Is it just me or do you find NHL Hockey boring nowdays?

I went to a NHL game yesterday and walked out in the first period. It was hard to follow and boring with out the hitting.


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Yeah it is boring now. It used to be better but all of the dumb rules have turned hockey soft. But the Calgary vs Vancouver game last night was so sweet. It had the hits and the fights; all of the things that you miss. So maybe you should move to Canada, apparently hockey there has much more action.

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there is tons of hitting
hockey is the best sport ever

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Well i think there should be more hitting, but i dont find it boring. What do u mean its hard to follow? I mean..i would walk out on a soccer game cuz im not a real fan..maybe its the question of being a real hockey fan or not

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I think some times it is boring. But it really depends what teams are vs. each other. Some people like my brother only like the sport because of the fights but seriously I don't like the fights.

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Ref is trying to reduce the violence after the Fredruk incident , as well as Simon incident. Depend on what games you watch. Islanders-Rangers rivalry actually result very physical hard hitting games (Last meeting , Avery caused Smyth to have internal bleeding as well as took out Dipeitro for the season) Hey , hockey can still be exciting when is going up and down the ice creating scoring chances.

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I think people who walk out during the first period of games are boring people.

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If you walked out on a hockey game in the first period you are just an idiot and don't appreciate the game. Try watching curling, it has a lot more hitting and is far less boring.

Hard to follow? Its a large BLACK object on a WHITE background... how can that be hard to follow?

And a lack of hitting probably just means its two teams that don't throw around hits much, all the games I've seen recently have been full of hitting as the playoffs are on the line and teams are getting desperate.

Add- Oh to answer your question- Its just you

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Its you

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you must be a blachawks fan

Who thinks the Rangers are going to pwn the Sabers?

It's definitely just you!

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hockey is the best sport ever, and id never walk out of a game

course, it has plummetted over the last couple years, thanks gary bettman

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Gee, I've got a game on now and there's hitting.

You want hitting or a fight? Big difference.

I think you just posted this to get a rise out of people.

Good job!

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Yea hockeys one of the fastest sports there is. Besides racing of course. How can that be boring? Especially when your at a hockey game, when your at it, its the complete opposite of boring, whether there is hitting or not, which there is plenty of hitting so I do not know what the hell your talking about. Hockey is the best sport ever, and it is so fun too play. The only time I walked out of a game is when my team, the Bruins, were losing 10 to 2 in the third period. It is definantly you. Try watching another sport. Maybe watch darts -_-

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I don't know what team you're watching, but I find hockey to be just as enthralling as ever. The Pens always have some type of hitting or fighting going on, and I could never ever walk after the first period.

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let me guess you were at a devil's game? haha seriously depends on what team u were watching. u wanna talk about hitting watch a few sabres games when patrick kaleta was with us this season or the brawl from the sabres vs sens game this year. no way NHL hockey is boring. clearly u were watching the wrong game.

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