Prior to a faceoff i see the refs raise thier arms until the puck is dropped,why is this so?


What's or hockey?

It's to signal that the teams can no longer change the players on the ice until after the puck is dropped (changing on the fly). The away team changes their line first, then the ref raises his hand to allow the home team to make changes to their players. Being the home team, they are permitted to change last to get the match-ups they want (if any). The red light at the scorer's table indicates that the TV station has come back from commercial and play can resume.

Sean avery..?

so the players don't take his hand off trying to get to the puck.

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the ref that has his hand up is signalling to the puck dropper that not everybody is ready, as soon as he puts his hand down the puck will be dropped.

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Its to get let the crowds attention that he will be dropping the puck ... I to am a big Hockey fan and I have no clue why they make such a big production of this... LOL

I hope this helps !!

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The ref is telling the puck dropper to wait. They are usually waiting for the TV station to be back from commercial. When the ref drops his hand, they station is ready to go.

Whaat about the DUCKS?!?

CS is correct with their answer, and as for the timing of the puck drop coming out of a commercial break, I know at the Flames game, an official in the time keepers box gives a 5-sec warning to the linesman once he gets the signal through his head set from the TV crew (probably the same signal all the cameramen get too).

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