Are the Pens done?

If they are, do you think the broadcasters will still show a bunch of highlights of Crosby walking down the street, grocery shopping, and all that kind of sh!t.


Did the Ranger$ just blow their series in the most unimaginable way possible?

Penquins are dead in the water. They will play well in a final, losing effort in game 5. And yes, I wouldn't be surprised but that we probably will be seeing how well they golf as NHL playoff highlights.
Golf ... Pens ... Golf !
Go ... Sens ... Go !

RBK 5K goalie pads: What's the bottom lace for?

They very well could be done... but then again they have come back to win series after being down 3 games to 1... of course that was against Washington...

And I don't know about the national broadcasters, but here in Pittsburgh it gets rather annoying when we have a winning team in any sport. The news just doesn't drop anything. Last few seasons with the Steelers have been practically unbearable with 3/4 of the news broadcasts being about football... when it was APRIL.

So, nationally... I don't know. Locally... unfortunately the kid is going to be bombarded for a while... unless the Pirates actually start winning.

The National Hockey League [NHL]?

I'm calling it right now...the Senators will win the game and the series by the same score...4-1. Crosby will get the lone goal for the Penguins while Dany Heatley and Ray Emery will have their way with the Pens on their ends of the rink

I was ready to jump on the Pens bandwagon, but there's just too much experience on the Sens' bench. These kids are young and green (even with veterans Recchi and Roberts) and it's been showing...that and the lack of defense against a team with as much firepower has been troubling. What the Pens need to do is sign a top-notch, DEFENSIVE-minded defenseman in the offseason. I'm sorry, but their best defenseman (Sergei Gonchar) is more of a power play quarterback and set-up man than a true defenseman...the only good defensive defenseman they've got is Brooks Orpik, and even then he's only average.

That's the final piece of the puzzle that the Pens need in order to be a serious Cup contender...we all know about the offensive threats they have and Marc-Andre Fleury is slowly beginning to look like a #1 overall pick between the pipes. But they need to shore up their blue line because the Sens have absolutely had their way with them.

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