I know hockey players are superstitious, but what are your superstitions?

Question:When i watch the wings play i have to be on the middle of my couch, a frosty bud light within an arms length, and my holmstrom jersey on!

Im just curious if there are any other superstitious people other than myself...?


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I always have Domino's Pizza, last year when the Sens were in the playoffs, and I ate Domino's pizza, they won, I got sick and was unable to eat it, and they lost the first 3 against Buffalo. Also at the beginning of this season, I didnt eat much pizza because I was playing hockey and they lost alot of games, so now I'm convinced. I try to do it as often as possible during the regular season, but its expensive and not healthy.

Sens record when I eat Domino's Pizza: 27-2-4

Sharks and Nashville?

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I used to be pretty bad, I'd be kind of freaked out if any of my teams clothes I had was dirty or in my dirty close hamper. I had to either be wearing it or it must be hung up. Now, not so eccentric.

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I must sacrifice a goat and spill the blood over my coffee table every morning before going to work or the gods from beneath will take me. It came as part of a deal I made in 1980, had a little something to do with the redwings... the devil...

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My hockey superstition - I don't wear home team hockey memorabilia game day. I save it for the day after. I went out wearing our colours lots and they always tended to lose. So I don't anymore.

Most wins by a goalie?

I believe that if I post anything in my livejournal about one of my teams before the game, they'll lose.

This happened in the 04 playoffs. I posted a "go Canucks!" entry, and come the 3rd, they were losing. I deleted it, and *boom* they tied the game. I posted an entry on what a weird coincidence that was, and *boom* they lost in OT.

I have not made a "Go [team]!" post since.

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Once the playoffs begin I can't actually answer the question "who will win the cup?" I cheer loud and proud for the canucks, but I can't actually say they'll win. During games, I can't have anyone predict anything. During game 1 my roommate called the game after canucks were up 4-2, then Dallas came back and tied. Luckily she fell asleep during overtime.

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I make sure I don't wear the oppositions team colors on game day. A new one I just started is vacuuming. On the day of the 1st playoff game against the Predators, I vacuumed the living room, but didn't have enough time to do the hallway which needed to be vacuumed. The Sharks narrowly won that game in OT. On the day of game 2, I should have vacuumed the guest room and living room again. I was lazy and didn't do it. The Sharks lost and Bernier got hurt.
So today, I vacuumed the living room, hallway and guestroom. The Sharks won AND no one got hurt!


Well when I play hockey I find something that catches and then I keep it going. I get something new for each season. This season I forgot to take off my Necklace(Its an Irish Clover) and I forgot to wash my undershirt. I scored a Hat-trick that game and got 2 assist! The next three games I didn't change a thing and I got 2 goals the last 2 games and at least 1 assist. Just the other week I forgot my necklace and my stick broke that game, I deflected a puck in my own net, and we lost.
When I watch a Wings play, I always wear my 2002 Stanley Cup Championship hat and Drink Molson Canadian and have to have my spot on the couch.
Toronto games, I have to have my Blue Maple Leafs jersey on and Drink Labatt Blue while sitting in my spot. So far none of it has failed! I just wish I had my White Leafs Jersey on when The Isles played the Devils that last game!!

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when i used to go to my hometown echl games i sat in the same seat,ate the same thing and went as far as using the same bathroom stall.i went back to visit family a couple of months ago we went to a couple of games followed the same routines and they won every time(they really sucked this year,first time in 14 years they didn't make the playoffs,maybe i should have been there all year.it is funny how sports superstitions also when i go to a game i will not wear the teams jersey,i carry it with me but don't wear it.

What do New Jersey Devils fans chant after New Jersey scores at home?

My superstitions are as follows...

For home games... I have to wear the same jeans and shoes to every game. Clean or dirty doesn't matter, they can't change. The jersey that I wear has significance on the outcome. For example, when Recchi is in a scoring drought, I wear my Recchi jersey and he gets a point. Although most of the time I wear that one, the Pens lose... All of the other games, I wear my Talbot jersey. I have to enter the arena at gate 3 no matter where I park. I have to get a beer as soon as I get up to my seats and finish it before the game starts. I can't eat anything else until I get my pizza. I need a beer for each period. And I can't swear... I have to substitute my swear words with other words.

For away games... I have to be sporting some kind of Pens gear all day, whether it be my jacket, hoodie, or a t-shirt. I have to get the same seat at the bar. I have to arrive at the bar at least 1 hour before game time. And I don't really know if it's superstition or not, but I fall off the bar stool at least once a game.

What do you do when you lost the most important game in your like life?

During the play offs when I watch the Wings I have to wear red or white undies even if they don't play that day. I only have four pair of red this year so I am going to Target to buy more today. I also have to wear a Wings piece of apparel EVERYday during the play offs. If I have to work I wear it under my uniform shirt. Otherwise I am all show and go. At work I can sometimes slip in a sweatshirt over my shirt (I work at Meijer) and I CAN wear a pin if I have to remove the sweatshirt.

Go Wings!

Oh and if they get behind I have to play my hand held solitaire game until they go ahead. And If they get behind my husband automatically goes into the garage to watch on his TV there.

Hey Kriegzeit! You didn't just jinx your Canucks by talking about posting the "Go Canucks", did you?

After the Clint Malarchuk incident happend, was the game called off?

When I am getting dressed to play, I always put the right piece of equipment on first. Skate, elbow pad, glove. Once i put my left skate on first. I took it off, and started over again. I know it souns stupid, but i have always dont it.

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AS a player i have many they are as fallows:

I always get dressed next to the goalie, usually in the corner of the locker room!

I ALWAYS wear the same sports bra, even if it under another one, i have to wear it.

I have the same pair of spandex, one is a long pair and one is short, those are the only two pair i EVER WEAR! I don't ever wash them. The long ones I've washed maybe three times cuz they were so stinky they made me sick!

I have a pair of pink knee high socks that i've worn now for about 6 yrs! washed them maybe three times!

I always have to duct tape my shoulder pads on becuase i have larger breast's and they straps always come undone if not. I USE YELLO tape for that and yello only!!

I've worn the same pair of yello and purple hockey socks for the last eight years, there are big holes in them and knee patches and everything. EVEN when our colors don't match, if it's not agaisnt the rules those are the only socks i wear! I NEVER EVER wash them! If I can't wear them im so nervouse through out the game, but that rarely happens when I can't so!

I am the first skater from my team on the ice, I do a lap around, then a nother one stretching then I go right to the bench and stretch my leg out on the boards, I can't mess up that routine or i'll have a really bad game.

I always have to stand by the goalie after warm ups untill the ref blows the whistle, I stand by the right post and we pump each other up! Thats a key part of my superstion, even if im playeing for a pick up leauge and don't know who the goalie is, i have to do it, ive done it for 13 yrs now!

Im always the last one off the ice, be it shift change, in between periods or after the game! I also am the last one shaking hands!

As a fan:

I NEVER wear colors of the opposing team. The team i fallow at home is purple so I always have purple on the days they play, right down to my undies!!

I always stand in the same spot, drink the same drink, and stand next the same people!

During traveling games I always wear the same hoodie and mittens.

i even have a couple pair of lucky undies that I wear for my own games and my team that i fallow, I go through a lot of launry with that in the winter!!

I have a lot more but don't want to bore you!

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I wear lucky, unwashed undies too! My favorite minor league team has brown uniforms so I wear them inside out for their away games!

Red wings offseason?

Man, I thought I was weird fro wearing my Yzerman jersey for every game day, even back to back game, the rest of you guys are freaks. Sh!t!!

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I always put on my equipment right side first, tape my sticks in an identical fashion and have worn the same cotton undershirt since 1988.

I know, I'm not well...

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