NHL advertizing?

Does anyone else agree that the NHL needs to do a better job of buying more air time on major channels like nbc, abc, fox, cbs to advertise their commericals instead of just VS? I dont see the stalling in this, and they desperatley need to find another channel to broadcast their games, and also maybe not scheduling so many games at one single time, i would like to be able to watch one game thoroughly and then watch the next, you miss so much channel surfing from one game to the next, i know im not the only one. What are all of your thoughts/ thanks for answering..


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Not just commercials, but They need to use newspaper ads in the big papers. TV networks dont' advertise things outside their network, but papers are independent of all that. The New york times, the USA today, the Washington post- get all the big ones advertise for VS and negotiate with VS and cable companies to get VS included in the extended cable package that most people have (as opposed to basic) That's been done with time warner in most of NC, so there is no extra charge for VS. that's the issue. The cable companies. Not the network.

Once VS is on the standard Cable package like it is in NC, ratings will go up.

I like versus coverage of hockey. They know they're stuff and are committed to their stuff. ESPN does not know hockey. the big networks don't' seem to get it. They're better, but VS seems comitted to the sport.

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Hockey is NOT the most popular sport in America but never the less , NBC also carries hockey.

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The problem is the ratings are so low that most stations don't want to sell the time to the NHL. ESPN/ABC said no thanks and that spoke volumes on how far the NHL has fallen in the U.S. Where the other pro leagues receive substantial operating revenue from national TV contracts, the NHL has to cut a check...and nobody wants the money.

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yea, bettman should be handed his hat & shown the door. A former basketball money counter is ruining the image of hockey.

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I agree and Bettman should be shot and buried under the next Basket Ball court being built.If he really wants to do right by the Sport he should do more about advertising.Also more teams should be in the North where Hockey is popular.The south is more into Foot Ball,Base Ball,Basket Ball,and the Left turn sports. How many people in the south grow up playing Hockey in their back yards,the park,the local rink etc... They don't understand the complexity of the game.They can't even think of playing a game with a Knife blade strapped to their feet on a sheet of ice hitting a small disc with a curved stick and moving at 50 mph. It just boggles their minds and they would freeze to death. GO WINGS!!!!

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