No bandwagon fans in Philly?

Question:Our teams been eliminated since November, but here we are still, in numbers I might add. Yet, tomorrow, their will be crickets sounding when the Sabres fans disappear. Either that or they'll have hopped to a different team. So sad.
That is the difference between real fans (us) and them (with a few exceptions).
If they are out of the race early next year, the fans will fail to even show up for games.
Just giving some insight on why Sabre fans (for the most part) suck.


Crosby vs Ovechkin?? Just kidding..?

A few points...

There's more Flyer's Fan here than you think JK
People still hate the Flyers from the Broad Street Bully days of the early and mid-70s - but that's ok - we kinda like being hated - it magnifies your ignorance.
We rebuilt this year and now we have superb goaltending while keeping our youth.
Another enforcer to pair with Ben Eager.. And if we keep Carter and Gagne healthy....

well... the point is. we never lost the love or passion.

We should be the pnes with the signs stating "we believe," but, of course we don't have to. Everyone knows it.

I really want to take this time to apologize for playing too rough. LOL

What are the deciding factors a hockey coach has when determining who is going to serve a team penalty?

Having almost 40 thousand fans from a relatively small town (certainly compared to Philly) go downtown to watch a team down 3 games in a series for game5, and thousands just went for game 4 when the team wasn't even there.

I've followed for 30 some years and personally know very few bandwagoners. What a stupid hateful thing to say.

You obviously know nothing about this town and yet feel compelled to comment about odd. Why don't you worry about Philly and leave Buffalo off your "to do list".

What an idiot. What "insight". God Lord, get over yourself.

The Flyers have no bandwagon fans because they have no bandwagon. If you ever climb out of the pit, you'll find your share.

***It sucks so much here that many reitred NHL'ers choose to remain here. Sittler, Martin, Bowman, Muckler, Neal, the list goes on and on. Give me a break you hopeless windbag. Your city deserves a better rep than you. I'll take our cost of living, proximity to Canada, and crime rate anyday. If you are a represenative of what Philly has to offer no wonder it's consistently ranked low for quaility of llife.

I visitied there in February and didn't meet anyone with such a foul outlook. Have you thought about putting down the bottle or doubling up the meds?

*No stuff to do? Yeah, that huge, clean lake that connects to all the other lakes and to the ocean is a bore. Those great ski regions that attract visitors all winter are tiresome. There's casinos, great shopping, Niagara Falls (yawn), some fabulous museums, consistently high rated restaurants, I'm not sure what you mean. Economy is not fabulous, but it is improving. There are gorgeous homes being built all over this area that for 300-500K would be considered mansions in any other area. Schools are decent and we have no hurricanes, tornadoes, or wildfires. Crime is below national average and it's a very friendly area. Summers are gorgeous, Winters are fun, Fall is spectacular...Spring...well spring sucks but you can't have everything. It's sad you need to knock something you obviously know nothing about.

I try to treat people with more respect and keep negative things to myself. But I don't get off on hurting feelings...of course I'm from Buffalo. The biggest real estate trend is for people clawing to return here having fled for greener pastures. And as many NHL'ers choose to stay permanetely--whatever you may believe, this is a fantastic place to live. Our downtown bar scene has exploded over the past several years by the way--if that's your definition of "things to do".

Are we done now? I know I am. I'm off to tend my gardens, soak in my hot tub and get ready to hit the theatre later...they're doing an Oscar Wilde at the Kavinoky tonight! One of the benefits of having such an extensive University system.

Obviously you insulted me and my town and I've taken umbrage, I don't expect to educate you, but I thought I'd try to reach whomever else may be reading.

Cheers, good luck with that chip on your shoulder!

Are there any nhl hockey players who have colored hockey tape or laces?


Everything you say on this site I agree with

lorinhl or w/e stop being a bandwagon fan and stop thinking you can brag about the sabres being better than the flyers for once because that will surely change next year

Sens Enforcer- you have never won a cup. Can I make fun of you now? We may have finished dead last but we have made it to the Stanley Cup at least 4 times. stop complaining

Canucks Ultimate fan contest, did you see this lil girl??

lol, how are you a "real" fan? all you do is come on here and insult the other teams that MADE the playoffs...geez, I could do that, I can come on here and badmouth the other 29 teams in the league as well...thats not something to take pride in.

I wonder if you actually take pride in your team not making the playoffs, because that means you can make fun of whatever team loses.

The funny thing is you can make fun of whatever team you want to, but the fact is that your team finished DEAD LAST in the NHL, and even the Pheonix Coyotes and the Columbus Blue Jackets can make fun of that...

What makes it funny is that you seem to take pride in the fact your team came in 30th, nor do you seem to worried about it, well I guess you've looked into the future for your team and realized just how bleak it is, and the only way you're gonna cheer, is to cheer against other teams...

Good luck with that...

EDIT- the team that finishes 2nd may be the first loser, but I'm pretty sure the team that finishes LAST is the biggest loser lol

Will the Pittsburgh Penguins stay in Pittsburgh?

Sorry but I don't think dat's going to happen Bob.

Besides, I don't see a lot of Flyers fans on here. I see VERY few TML fans and Habs fans around here, but everybvody here would nail me if I tried to call them bandwagon fans. Their team is gone, so they dont have much reason to follow it. Some (like me) stick around because we like hockey as much as we like our teams. But a lot of fans pretty much turn off the tube when their team isn't playing, because they no longer care who wins.

Okay so maybe some Buffalonians will leave. Maybe. But they all seemed to stick around after they fell back 3-0 so who really knows?

What do people think of the bell captical cup should there be turnaments like this for all levels and girls?

Oh my bob, you answered your own question..TWICE...get a F*cking life.

Thanks for the two points d!ck head

Oh, Well, Brodeur Loses Us the Game Again..?

The sabres fans didn't disappear. They are just busy doing something else. You know burning the sabres jersey. Then going on to to buy a sens, ducks, or wings jersey.

JK nation, its funny how you make fun of people but never say who your favorite team is.

Ottawa and Buffalo fans: how nervous are you?

First of all how do sabres fans suck. Today there were 18000 fans in the arena 18000 outside of the arena and including the people in bars and watching at home and buffalo wont be out early next year.

Suggestions, please?

maybe they will out do thier Lindros and his mommy pick!!

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