Michigan or North Dakota in NCAA tournament? I'm picking MI, but North Dakota seems tough.?


Cat must have Predator fans keyboards.?

UND, Great defense, and it can be pretty tough to stop the Toews, Oshie, Duncan line.

Hockey commercials on NBC? Pretty funny .?

If you are wondering who is gonna win it all ------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqruwzeoh... ----GO Terriers

Are you serious?

Tough Game. Michigan has the revenge factor due to their loss to ND Last year. But North Dakota is better defensively. ND Again.

Why do the Calgary Flames live to beat the Edmonton, while the Oilers live to win Championships?

Notre Dame will be the 2007 NCAA Champs!

Go Irish!!

Most likely team to win the Stanley Cup?

I live in Michigan and I never EVER pick Michigan for anything. My nepehw graduated from ND so I would pick them in a match up between those two. My heart belongs to Michigan State, though. None of my picks are based and actually knowing anything about how good the teams are!

How much do lacrosse players make in a year?

Well I am a BIG Minnesota fan and it probably doesnt make any sense that id be a North Dakota fan too, but i am, i like just about every team in the WCHA. So if Minnesota ends up not winning id be glad to see North Dakota win and i think that North Dakota has a chance of winning the tournament because of they way they've been playing lately.

Who was the greatest player of all time?

Screw Michigan and screw Norte Dame it's gonna be Minnesota ALL THE WAY!!!


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