Was the Gretzkey trade was the worst thing that could happen to hockey?

Question:I told friends that the Gretzky trade was the worst thing that could ever happen to the NHL - and you know what? I was right. They have changed the game to accommodate the liberals in California, the bleeding heart mom's and the non-hockey loving population. Why do professional sports feel the need to continue to get bigger to have fewer fans (per capita) rather than have a smaller market, but more passionate fans? I dont get it... let them play!!! (and FIGHT)



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1. It's spelled GRETZKY. You didn't even get that right.

2. The worst thing that could happen to Hockey. Worse than McSorley's and Simon's stick-swinging incidents? Worse than Bertuzzi's sucker punch?

3. What do political views have to do with anything?

4. Yeah love, how that "non-Hockey population" filled the Forum in L.A. for years after that, and there were about 5 new teams in the area because "nobody wanted them".

5. It's a BUISINESS. Get it? Or should we go back to the original 6?

6. They still fight.

If you could say HOW they changed the game that so ticks you off (and what in the world the Gretzky trade had to do with it) you might, maybe, have some small semblance of something to back up your position..

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Because its not about the game anymore. Its sadly about the money.

Bandwagoners-true posers of hockey? Or is that what Sabre fans are being called cause they show support?

I don't think it was the worst thing. The NHL was/is just trying to make inroads into new markets. But to your point, - I could never figure out how 5,000 people a game in Nashville was more profitable than 16,000 in Winnipeg or Quebec.

And it does kind of bug me that a bunch of cities that couldn't support a team in the past (Minnesota, Atlanta, Colorado) get a second chance at it now when places like Hamilton would kill to have an NHL team (since they lost the Tigers in 1925) And it's not like Quebec and Winnipeg were having attendance problems when those team left.

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I assume you're talking about the Oilers-Kings trade, but that happened in '88 and the 90's were awesome for hockey, so I really have no idea what you're talking about...unless you think a trade takes 20 years to impact the league :rolleyes:

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FYI---Gretzky wanted to be traded to the Kings because his wife Janet was an actress there and didn't want to move to Edmonton. I think that trade really was the catalyst that brought the US interest in hockey to a peak. He made Hockey in warm places popular. Sadly now it is more big business then anything. It's all about the money

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Yeah... you are an idiot.

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I think he is talking about the LA trade - and he is absolutely right. Gretzky is a hipocrate, he was against fighting, but throughout his career, he didn't go anywhere without an enforcer. Semanski, McSorely, etc...

so, he left Edmonton because his wife needed more hollywood exposure, he became a US citizen because he wanted our money, he abandoned Canada because the didn't have the market... so I just realized that I've just described a Prostitute??! in any case, he shoud not have managed the Canadian olympic team. He should have just been banned from Canada...

harsh words, but he started it?? so I agree with this dudes comments. the LA/Edmonton trade was the beginning of the end...

Wings Fans!! Doesn't it make you MORE comfortable when people say SJ is going to beat us?

Huh? Gretzky asked to be traded there... are you saying Gretzky is to blame for the way you hate the NHL?

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It had to do with a low Canadian dollar at the time. The American teams were able to buy any player they wanted and they bought the Stanley Cup for most of the 90's. With the salary cap and the stronger Canadian dollar, that won't happen again. They will have to earn it.

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Worst thing to happen to hockey was when it ceased being a game and became a business.

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It is all about the Money. But I feel hockey fell right after Gretzky left Edmonton and then just recently after ESPN dropped coverage.

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ESPN dropped coverage because the Lockout canceled season. ESPN ripped up the contract so the NHL went and played the market to make more money. That is how we ended up with VS. carrying the games. OLN was looking for a banner, and the Tour de France wasn't doing it. The NHL hasn't really done it either, but I blame that on the network more then anything. As to the question I think Clueless answered it well enough.

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The Gretzky trade was not the worst thing to happen to hockey. The trade came about because Gretzky was p-whipped. The worst thing was the NHL moving teams and expanding to places like Phoenix, Columbus, Miami, and Nashville. There are too many teams in the NHL, and certain cities don't really deserve teams, based on fan support, and/or ability to show a profit.

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The Oilers can still won a Stanley Cup without him.

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It depends on your opinion of "worst". He being traded to a big hockey market made the NHL a major sport in the US. Yes, now it can be mostly about money but so is every other professional sport in North America.

If you want to see hockey players that still care for the game, watch the juniors. They play their hearts out every night. Stop focusing on the NHL.

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