The Devils And Leafs Tommorow Night!?

Who will dare to step up to Janssen Tommorow? Belak? Tucker? Newbury? Hah Good Luck toronto in trying to find the Right person. Bet u fans r scared as hell of tommorow night! DEVILS RULE!!!


Will J.S. Giguere start again for the Ducks?

Janssen's check on Kaberle wasn't even dirty. And it's not like Cam hasn't already beaten down a few Maple Leafs in his short career and he'll do it again tomorrow. Just another day in the life of Cam.

RBK 5 ice hockey pants?

DARE step up to the 3 minute-man? Maybe he should try to go at someone face to face instead of a cheap-shot hit like the one on Kaberle. I'm sure if Belak is in the line-up Janssen will be REPAID. In terms of suspensions, his should be as long as Kaberle is out plus 15 games. I don't see how the NHL can give a goon like this only 3 games and Leafs lose their best defenseman for an extended period. By the way, TOMORROW-correct spelling, not TOMMOROW, Cam better watch his back.

Will mighty ducks compete for stabley cup? or is nashville too strong?

i doubt he will be in the lineup because colin campbell will urge the devils not to play him. toronto will have to wait another time or just paste somebody else in his place like one of their better players. paybacks a **

Has anyone ever seen Nathan Dempsy play?

If he's playing, Tucker will hit him. Tucker was the only player who was actually giving him hell that night - and tucker was still injured. And for all of you people who think toronto won't do anything, think again, they are one of the more physical teams in the NHL.

Awesome Series!?

Tucker has more heart than Janssen ever will.


we won't go after him, the 2 minutes aren't worth it.

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