Anyone see the Sens dominate the pigeons tonight?

Even the refs obvious attempts to even things up didn't succeed.


Are the buffalo sabres gonna win the cup this year?

Pags68- You don't need to speak French to know the meaning of the word Senator, I do believe that your US Congress actually has some 'Senators' in it, as well as our parliament.

I'm so glad that the Sens fans aren't so unintelligent :-)

BTW - There's nothing uglier than a sore loser!

Will Colorado Reach the Playoffs?

The Leafs might not get into the playoffs, and the Penguins might not win this series, but at least they don't have:

1) A captain who gets beat

2) By a rookie

3) On the power play

4) At Scotiabank Place

5) To be eliminated from the playoffs.

Might want to humble yourself when your team is the epitome of choke artists! Or should I say "choking dogs?"

How will you celebrate the Flames' clinching a playoff spot minutes ago?

oh thats right JLP, the leafs did better then the sens right, your such a pathetic sore loser, that when ur team misses the playoffs you sulk by dissing a team with way more talent then the leafs

Conroy for Lundmark: did the Flames win that trade?

Yes I did watch the game...this was prob the first time EVER I rooted for the Ottawa Sens...but heyy they beat Pittsburgh and it was great! Hopefully they play this good for 3 more games and sweep the Pens...

Is Sidney Crosby the best player in the NHL?

Only 1 game of a best of 7 series...the Pens will step it up Saturday...

Let's Go Pens!

Should the Calgary Flames fire Jim Playfair?

Enjoy tonight...6 more games before your Sens begin their "ANNUAL EARLY EXIT FROM THE PLAYOFFS". I don't speak French, but someone told me that Senators is actually a French word meaning that true?

And evening things up? Oh you mean making up for some of the crap calls like Mad Max's amazing one-handed hooking call that gave Ottawa 2 early and long 5 on 3's, and disallowing Sid's blatantly good goal?

Which NHL team has the best signs and most passionate fans?

Yep, a good smoking if there ever was one. The Sens were on fire and out for blood; knocking every Pen off the puck and on their wallet.

Game 2 winner usually dictates who wins the series historically so If the Sens can hold serve this should be a quick series. If the Pens get their act together it could end up being an epic struggle.

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