Does anyone know if Jerome Iginla is going to play tonight for the Calgary Flames?


In hockey the sharks r still tie, r they ganna play in another overtime? tell me who wins thnx?

There is lots of speculation that he will be out until after the all-star game. All I can say is at least were are (currently) 3-0 without him in the lineup. Our callups are playing well, which is nice.

Why are people surprised by violence in Hockey?

He isn't. He'll be out until at least mid next week.

Who's the best fighter in history of NHL?

Day to day out until next week, check for updates.

Crosby or Thorton?

no chance he plays tonight. he's out for at least another week. no sense rushing him.

How about those Pens??

He's not supposed to be playing. I heard his ankle is still really bad.

Will the NHL ever be back on ESPN?

Sorry man, He's not playing. He hopes to be back sometime next week. Kipper will have to hold Calgary together while he is out.

Hockey questions!?

i dont care for flames GO OILERS GO

What NHL goalie has notched the most playoff wins in history?

He won't be playing for at least another week. But we are doing awesome in his absence still.

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