What are some exercises that can help me be a better skater in hockey?


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besides exercise that will condition your legs.--the best practice to be a better skater is to skate-skate skate.because theres no excercise that will work the exact muscles and tendons as skating.--so skate and do all the drills of skating.-with puck-w/o puck-skating backwards side to side.--etc etc

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squats will build your thighs

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Use one of those slide boards and practice skating with all of your equipment (not on the slide board of course)

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yea a slide borad is good also a wobble board is goos as well
(the board with the roller under neath is great for balance
mostly what you want to work on is your core strength yes the speed comes from you legs hence they squating postion when you start to skate but alot of it also comes from your back and abs seriously, i dont know your skill level but other ones are skating the circles forward and backward cross overs keep your knees bent like your on the pooper weight over the middle of your skate by keeping your back straight (keeping your knees bent allows you more reach on your cross overs) so the more the bend in the legs the further you can cross over and the more power come from the stride, another good one is start in the corner skate to the blue line stop and move lateral across the ice on the blue line and do cross overs moving sideways across the ice much like football players do and repeat on all lines
and obviously youve just skated lines before (this is a great punishment if your players are slacking)
i have way too much to go on here but if you need more help
and want to know more hook it up with best awnser so i can keep you on my screen and i'll send more your way


If you strech and get flexible it will make you get faster!

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Try running, resisted training, meaning run with weights on or the parachute behind you (kinda of expensive), wall sits, leg lifts. And the stretches will help you to before you do anything else.

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To become a better skater you need ice time. Try to enroll your self in poer skatiing, this is what my hockey team did when I was younger my coaches and my dad always thought I benefitted from the power skating, and it is true I became a very strong skater. To improve your speed you should do some quick feet or ladders. Ladders is when you lay doen some hockey sticks on the ice very close together and you have to do quick feet skatting throgh them not tuching one. Overall to become a better skater you need ice time, so join power skatting, and find out times of shinny.

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yea one very important one, skate as much as you can

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Rid your bike a lot, up a lot of hills would help. This would exercise your legs and build up your endurance. Also, you should do a lot of cardio workouts, because when you are sprinting on skates, the last thing you want is to get winded. If youcan go to the gym and use the leg press, or go snowboarding or wakeboarding.

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Lunges...they really build your leg muscles.

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