Are all NHL Playoff games going..?

Are all nhl playoff games going to be televised or are some going to be ppv.


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I'm sure that with the NHL Centre Ice Package, you could get all the games. NBC will show some games and if it is like last year, games 3-7 of the Stanley Cup Final. Verses (formally known as OLN) will show a lot more playoff games and also games 1 and 2 of the SCF.

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Some of them should be televised but if you have NHL center ice then you will get all of them

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Versus will carry some and so will nbc on the weekends and the rest will be on center ice.

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ahhh it's great to live in Canada, where every single game of the whole damn thing will be televised live, for FREE.

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NHL Center Ice will have most of the games but will stop after the first two rounds

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i'm assuming that most games will be televised nationally on vs. also on weekends games will be shown on NBC dependant on the region

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CBC, Vs, FSN, and NBC are covering all the Playoff games. Of course like the regular season, your only going to get certain ones by your area. Center Ice will show you every game for the first 2 rounds, but after that, the Finals are going to be broadcasted between Vs, NBC, and CBC. FSN is still fighting to try to get some of the games, but they probably won't get any Cup games, just one or two Conference final games.

Hope you get to watch the games you want.

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yes every other day

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