Why isn't Miller given proper due when discussing money goalies?

Question:The guy just wins, always has. Roberto has the stats but really, ten years, first playoff game?

Here's video from the game last night by the gg dolls


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Very weak argument here, dude.

1. Obviously you didn't watch Luongo much when he was in Florida. Those Panther teams SUCKED... and yet he always made them competitive. You can hardly blame him for not being in the playoffs. He didn't choose to play for Florida. In case you didn't realize, but the Sabres probably have the most depth of any team in the league. They lead the league in scoring. That is going to get a goalie a lot of wins, even if they aren't that good. And Miller STILL didn't win as many games.

2. Miller is younger and has not been around long enough to prove a thing. He had a pretty good playoff last year, and was ok this year. That is hardly enough to compare him to a guy that has been a Vezina finalist more than once. Jim Carey was a bigshot when he first came into the league. Heck, he even won the Vezina trophy. Didn't last. There is no way to compare a goalie in his second full year to a guy that has been around the block a few times.

3. Compare their stats this year, noting that Miller plays on a far superior team:

Luongo: 47 wins, 2.28 GAA, .921 Save %, 5 shutouts, 1998 saves
Miller: 40 wins, 2.73 GAA, .911 Save %, 2 shutouts, 1718 saves

That video you link to doesn't prove a thing. It is anecdotal evidence, and anyone could easily do the same thing for Luongo. You don't have a leg to stand on right now. No one outside of Buffalo (Or possibly Lansing, Michigan) would agree with you. Give Miller a few years, though, and we'll see. He is definitely a pretty talented goalie.

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I am dyed in the wool Sabre fan. I love Ryan Miller like any good Sabre fan should. But don't let the love cloud ones judgement. Until Ryan Miller at least gets the team to the Stanley Cup finals, all money goalie annointments should be reserved until then.

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i have noticed that among certain announcers like versus,there are some teams they just don't talk alot about and buffalo happens to be one.miller is a great goalie but all they talk about is brouduer and he is really great but not the only good goalie in the league and when they talk about scorers you always hear crosby another great one but not the only great one in the league.some people just sell buffalo short and it really isn't fair to the team.i know i sound like a big buffalo fan but my heart belongs to the redwings i just happen to notice how good other teams are!!

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He's good, but there are probably 5 goaltenders in the playoffs right now I'd put ahead of Miller.

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Mainly because money goalies have a Stanley Cup or two. Billy Smith was called one. Now, Brodeur and Hasek are the money goalies. Luongo...you can't win if you don't score, and that was the problem with his teams before.

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Dude his numbers were just a little better then Fluery. I'm a Pens fan and I think Fluery is good. He is also streaky, that is his big problem. Hopefully with experience he will get better, either that or he will need to be an old tandem goalie where you need a good back-up to play through the season with him(for when he is down). Miller ISN'T that great. He is good.

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Think of a money goalie as a goalie that you would pay for to take your team deep into the playoffs and win Stanley cups. Miller is a good goalie, but he is playing for a team that would be efficient with even a mediocre goalie. Miller can still become a money goalie, but he is not one right now. Some money goalies in the playoffs: Hasek and Brodeur.

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i am a big sabres fan esp being from buffalo, but miller i can not consider miller as one of hte greatest. he is good but the sabres also got team mates who help him. hockey is a team sport and the sabres best represent that.

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My friend, you are out to lunch-maybe Kipper and maybe Luongo?? No maybes about it. To spite not winning anything, they are MUCH better and besides Miller has never won crap. He won alot of games this year because the Sabres SCORED ALOT. He was mediocre.
Another better BY FAR is Giguere. I also have 5 or 6 others ahead of him like (after the ones you mention) like Lehtonen, Lundqvist and Turco.
I put him at a 3rd tier grouping with guys like Toskala, Nabakov and Fleury.

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Miller is a good goalie but he has to prove he can win and until then he won't be mentioned in the same group as brodeur

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