Will the canadians be able to hold on to the 8th place? they have been great these last few games?


Isn't there something we can do to stop head shots in the NHL?

They've been so great and you love them so much that you can't even spell their name correctly. PUCK BUNNY, THEY'LL BE GOLFING AFTER NEXT WEEK!

Anyone have opinions on the Synergy 1500 skates?

The montreal canadiens will not hold on to 8th place. Sakus brother Mikko made the playoffs though! wooohh!

Go Sabres and Wild!

Has anybody used hockey dawgz website?

Things are going well for them tonight with the Canes losing is all I can tell you in regards to that. Also, yes, they have been much better lately-5 straight I think. 6 straight at home maybe, something like that. With every game being a play-off game during this stretch, and without their top goalie, heating up at the right time while other teams (Carolina, TB, NYI) cooling off so it looks good.

What exactly separates american/canadien hockey from european style?

well they could and they have been playing great hockey. my heart stopped last night after the first period vs the Rangers down 2-0 in the 1st. but we came back strong and won the game. the Habs play the Rangers one more time and we face the Sens on Friday night which i will be there. its been a close race and when the Habs where winning so was the others so we never gained anything but we play the Islanders we won we played the Rangers and we one the other team that is also fighting for a playoff spot is the Leafs and we need to win that game too. yes playing other teams you still need to win but winning against the teams your fighting for that final 3 playoff spot are more important cause its that team you need to beat. were playing the Sens which we play good against and the Sabres also we play good against so its a tough race and the Habs and Kovalev has found an extra boost to charge for the playoffs. and to the Sabres fans it wont be easy to beat the Habs. we still can finish 6th, 7th or 8th but its not over yet.

GO HABS GO!!!!!!1

Most wins by a goalie?

They're riding Halak and Kovalev and their confidence level is peaking at the right time. I think they have a shot to finish even higher than 8th. How about 6th?

Is Roberto Luongo still possibly the best goalie in the NHL?

I was hopeless after I was aebischer gave up 6 goals , but since Halak got back from the minors , they have been impressive. Kovalev is playing his best hockey of the season.

Who will be san jose's starting goaltender when toskala returns?

Lets hope and pray that the others lost .
Because they win too !:(

I'm looking for the Hockey Night in Canada Ringtone for a telus phone. any help would be great?

I predict 7th place.


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