Anyone see the Predators own the Sharkies?

Good game! Good guyz got it! Sharks fans...quit cryin..people get hurt all the time. It's a part of the game. Deal with it, cuz Predators have won!!! And it's a brand new series! GO PREDATORS!!


How Many Games Will It Take The Rangers To Beat The Stinky Sabres?

That's funny! You Shark fans are whiners just like the coach!!


Did you hear us whining when we lost? NO YOU DIDN'T!!


I am looking for a knitted montreal canadien cabbage patch sweater pattern,?

go redwings

Who is going to win the stanley cup?

i listened to it, but yeah. We f'in' owned them!

And oh my, all the players who got game misconducts!
Smithson, Tootoo, Radulov, and someone else...

What are the Atl Thrashers team colors?

I hope the series goes 7 games and they beat the crap out of each other!

I wonder if you Preds fans would be talking $h!t if it was your players going down. I personally hate both teams, but the Preds are playing dirty.

Oh Scotty boy?

Yes, because it is perfectly ok to drill someone in the numbers. Its against the rules for a reason. The game was a good physical game besides that chicken * hit though. Should be an interesting series now.

Who is the biggest Goon in NHL Hockey?

Preds still suck, first you killed our players, so you wimps had the advantage and second you guys got no sportsmanship and neither do your gay fans, and oh yeah did you see Jordan Totoos a** get kicked later in that game
oh yeah it's a new series

Do the Senators have a prayer vs. the Sabres?

way to go preds! cheechoo back and still 5-2 win!

Is buffalo no longer a top playoff contender now that they have changed their strategy of 2 top goaltenders?

Who cares Predators are going to the Shark Tank anyway and they'll going to lose.

How many B's fans out there are happy?

* you. we kicked your *** in the brawl in the end. and your going to the shark tank now. plus we are gonna kick yo *** on monday.

In ice hockey, who determines when a line change is to be made, and how is that change communicated?

cheechoo's back yea!, the preds got lucky and there going to shark territory to lose.

Who earns more money football players or hockey playerxs?

what i saw was in 2 games in a row there was an injured shark and a predator gettin thrown out of the game. the thing is that when that happens the player that the sharks lose is BETTER than the player the preds lose. u dont see doug murray goin after peter forsbergs knee or rob davison checking jp dumont from behind into the boards.
another thing i saw was in 2 games in a row there was a penaltie for diving... DIVING!! if u guys would stop playin dirty the team that deserves to win will win. (thats us, the sharks) and dude if your team is so bad that after one win in a best of seven series u gotta talk $%!7 than theres something wrong there. im not sayin the preds suck but they need to have some respect for the sport instead of goin for cheap shots on skill players on the sharks.

In hockey, can you score a goal before the offsides is whistled down?

The Predat ors had their chance to hit hard and play down right dirty hockey but now its San Jose's time we look forward to hearing from you over the next few games. See if "Its part of hockey " when a predator is laying hurt on the ice

Leaf fans, what are you doing now that the playoffs have started without your team?

Just got home from the game. The sharks got away with murder tonight until the 3rd period. Hey Shark fans, your boy bell hurt himself tonight. So when he takes a dive, on Monday. Don't yell it was a dirty hit.

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I won't lie and say Nashville is a weak team. They're not. But they don't have the heart and soul like San Jose does. Nashville is still a young team without the guts, grit, or glory that the Sharks have. They have teeth and they don't take crap from any team.

Sharks have defeated some of the top teams during their 14-season run and you know what? They'll do it again. Wilson is one hell of a coach and will easily guide his team to the next round. Why? Strength, an amazing power play, and one hell of a lineup.

Nashville didn't fight fair with the Cheechoo ordeal. They fought dirty and cried foul when they were called out for their unsportsmanlike conduct.

I know my team. This will not end very pretty but I can tell you right now, win or lose, the Sharks will not go down without a fight. Sharks in 6 dude...Sharks in 6.

Back on home ice (one of their top strengths), Sharks will shred the Predators. Never mess with a Sharks fan on home ice.

Who will win the Stanley Cup 2006- 2007 Season?

lol.. a team is in nashville?

JK's ten point quiz: Which goalie has the record?

haha yall got owned in the end of the game, what happened to your "enforcer" tootoo at the end? he got beat down by clowe because hartnell didnt want any piece of clowe..only way you guys can win is by cheap shoting, who else you guys comming after? whats the next tactic? swingin sticks at heads? come play with passion not with intent to injure. and you guys new series again, sharks will win. and for all you callin sharks fans whinners and babies, maybe if it was foreskin, or that scott stevenizied kariya got a cheap shot and out of the game yall would moan about it too. you guys better pray murray isnt in the lineup or davidson in game 3, cause you guys have no one that can fight with us and we proved it at the end, who you gonna send at us kairya or tootoo ahaha. goodluck staying in the 1st round again preds..

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