What team will win the Stanley Cup?


Anybody see the vancouver/atl game saturday night?

Buffalo all the wayy...if you have been watching the games, you know we will bring the cup home this year. We got ripped last year and this is our year...so step out of our way!

Are the Penguins still thinking about moving to Houston?

If the whalers could win it last year, maybe the predators can do it this year

Sabres fan how true is this?

3 words..motha freaking penguins!!!

Any Sabres fans in the Little Rock area?

In a word?


How long is Marcel Hossa's contract with the Rangers?

No Brainer: SABRES !!

Any Americans cheering for the Sens in the final?


Laces on goalie pads?


Worst ever NHL ideas?

Well for sure it won't be the Tampa Bay Lightning, they paid a lot of money sigining goalie Marc Denis who in my opinion has been a bust. Watching tonights game vs Florida a must win for Tampa ended with a 5-2 loss because Denis couldn't stop a bowling ball let alone a puck. B ecause I used to live in Rochester,N.Y. My heart is with Buffalo, they will make the finals but Iam afraid they will lose to either Nashville, Detroit or Anaheim.

Who grows a playpff beard and os ypur still growing or were u forsed to shave it?

Anaheim Ducks going for Number One.

How will it be?

Buffalo Sabres

What is the best pre game meal for hockey?

Minnesota Wild baby!

Why India is Lacking behind in Hockey?


Huge game for Pittsburgh this afternoon or what??

Buffalo Sabres

Does anyone like the montreal canadians?

I am listening to the Wings again on XM.

Hockey Draft Opinion, Goalie, Forward or D-man your 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick?

Just to be a homer: Buffalo.


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