Why is the Detroit hockey team named the Dead Things?

I think that since the salary cap has been implemented, Mr. Big Bucks can't freely spend money in an attempt to buy a Stanley Cup. Therefore, the Dead Things will go to where they belong, the cesspool of hockey. Darkness with Harkness II.


Does anyone kbnow why modanno didnt make the trip to play san jose and the ducks?

That is only because Chelios and Hasek are so old they wear Depends for hockey pants and use walkers on the ice.

Bringing back Goons and Brawlers?

I've never heard the Red Wings called the Dead Things.

Will Saskatoon or Saskatchewan ever get an NHL team?

DaAvs suck. Red Wings rule.

Hockey equipment, how much does it cost?

Never heard that. I think you made it up. I don't even like Detroit and I think you are jsut rediculas for a statement like that. Get a clue buddy.

So if the Canucks can beat the Ducks I will be having a celbatory dinner can you guess whats on the menu?

In the begiinig of the 80's they where nicknamed the "dead wings" because they where not very good. That nicknamed died in the 90's though...

Are the Penguins still thinking about moving to Houston?

ur are odd...they are called the red wings...

Can you buy coventry blaze jerseys any cheaper?

you mean dead wings. and that was what? 80 years agoo?

get a life. and a clue in time.

Hy guys!need ur help!!?

Fugures this comes from an Aves fan. You guys are pretty good this year...outstanding goaltending, amazing scorers, tremendous defense, Hall of fame coaching? Even when you were "good" the Wings did a pretty good job of taking care of the Aves in the playoffs.exactly how many Cups did you guys win while we were hoisting 3 Cups? One.WOW, you were really something!! Even Patty Roy got a butt kicking from Mike Vernon (need i mention Vernon is about half the size of Roy) and ole Turtle Boy (Claude Lemieux) what a tough guy. he looked like Jim baker all crouched up in a ball while getting pummeled.

Look forward to dismantling the AVes in the playoffs this year.Oh, Wait, you guys arent going to be invited because you are in LAST PLACE!!! Well thats too bad...the WINGS HAVE ONE OF THE BEST RECORDS IN HOCKEY.guess we wont have to buy our way into Cup contention but please do pay attention.the Wings are a couple million under the cap so I guess they will spend a few bucks trying to get even better for a playoff run!!!!!!! Good call moron!

Should the Toronto Maple Leafs re-sign Matts Sundin?

learn to spell + dont hate because they took most of the stanley cup's in this decade

Whats wrong with the Flyers anyways? In the 70s or 80s they won 34 games straight! Now they havent won 10!?

Hmmm.I've always known them as the "Ding-a-lings". It's a more hip, up-to-date name for the team I dislike the most in the NHL.

What do hockey goalies wear under the pads?

You're Insulting the Red Wings when you say "Dead Things"you know that, Right.

NHL.com frozen moments?

It was known that way here in Ontario in the late 70's and early 80's when for a while they sucked..Wasn't taken too seriously as we have the Leafs who also sucked then and still do. But Detroit got Stevie Y and the leafs got Nolen and McCabe Why?

In the NHL, if a fight breaks out after the horn sounds to end a period, are penalties assessed?

They were called the Dead Wings back in the 80's. They are the only team in a LONG time to win back to back Cups(1997-98). The last Cup they won was in 2002. They have a good chance to win it again this year. They would have to lose EVERY game for the next few seasons before you could start to call them the Dead Wings again. Jealousy is not a nice thing. It's an ugly thing, just like you.

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