Who saw that knock-out punch?

Question:by tootoo on the preds on 3-17-07
i was there at the game
and what happened?


Wanting a live stream of the Sabres/Rangers NHL game today--anyone know how or where?

Tootoo was the faster draw. Robidas tried to intervene in his dance with Modano and Ithink someone warned him. Modano doesn't like to be checked and he swung his stick. Seems to me the league missed a few suspensions in that mess. Tootoo wasn't the only one involved. All three should have been suspended or none.

Who else is tired of people calling Crosby a whiner?


Erik Staal Or Jordan Staal?

i wasn't watching the game but of course there have been plenty of replays.(i am a redwings fan so of course i don't pull for nashville)tootoo did not deserve to be suspended over what he did,maybe penalized but not suspended.i really think he got a raw deal. i really think the refs have done a p*ss poor job at calling games this year.if they made calls like they are suppose to there wouldn't be so many incidents.i really think that in some of the incidents they need to take a look at the refs inability to call clean games.it seems like every game i watch one team seems to get away with anything they do while the other spends their time killing penalties,and i am not just talking about the redwings,like i said i am a hockey addict and watch a game just about every night!!

Bauer Supreme One 90 stick-?

that punch was crazy he crumbled like a cookie

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robidas got knocked out trying to cheap shot tootoo and they both got penalty's heres a link to the replay for you


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