How didn't the east win, they definetely should have?!?


What are some exercises that can help me be a better skater in hockey?

at the end of the day does it matter? not at all lets see who wins the cup the west or the east? last year was the east and same with this year Sabres in 6...

Go Sabres GO!!

Do you think the nhl needs to strict in regards to headshots and concussions?

Brodeur let up too many goals.

Who are top NHL defensemen?

Brodeur let up too many goals. But mainly its just for fun there were no board checking and if there was one here in there they didnt finish the check out. There was 0 floor checks. It was just a very chill layed back game. I love the Penguins so of course i was pulling for crosby and the east to win it but i still enjoyed the game. Look at it this way the east won the young stars and the skills contest so my hats off to that

How many braziers do you think Cowan will get?

Brodeur played like crap (and I'm a Devils fan), all the Eastern forwards passed too much instead of shooting, and the Crosby-Ovechkin-Shanahan line had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever.

Prior to a faceoff i see the refs raise thier arms until the puck is dropped,why is this so?

To many players on the East were playing in there 1st NHL All Star Game. They should dominate for the next couple years.

The Devils And Leafs Tommorow Night!?

Simple, the West has better scorers. Just look at the Sharks line. Three forwards all from the SJ Sharks were on the All Star team and they all ended up on the same line at one point and scored. The West is hands down better this year.

Which is better Wood Hockey Sticks or Composite Hockey Sticks?

Brodeur was not doing such a good job, I couldn't beleive the east didn't win either.

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I agree, the east should have won. I couldn't believe the west won. Had Jagr started for the east, it would have been a different story.

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