Who will win the NHL atlantic?

Question:A. New Jersey win by 10 or more points
B. New Jersey win by less than 10 points
C. Pittsburgh
D. NY Islanders
E. NY Rangers
F. Philadelphia


Whose going to the Red Wings game tomorrow?

Hopefully C. Unfortunately the Devils have a bit of an easier remaining schedule than the Pens, but the Devils have one additional game to worry about. It's going to be a race all the way until the last day of the season, and I can't stand the Devils, especially if they win the division.

The Pens will not go down without a fight! They have talent, especially in Crosby and Malkin. They've received good news of the arena situation and I can't see them not going a way in the playoffs. Believe me, I have faith.

Option F is out of the question, as the Flyers have been so far out of the playoff race all season. (Season sweep, say WHAT??) And I believe that option A is quite unlikely. Nevertheless, the difference will probably be 3-4 points, but division title or not, the Pens are still making the playoffs

Why is everybody going crazy 4 the Duck? They barly made it in!?

B. No other answer makes sense.

Where martin broudur live or patrick elias?


Who hates hockey?

It's a close race...However, as a Devils fan...They will come out on top, but BARELY! Pittsburgh is way too good...

When patrick roy told the g.m of the habs that it was his last game for him what was the score when he got pul

B. i think the devils will pull it out. however the pens r right up there and r very talanted. Also, watch out for the rangers, they r on an intenses hot streak that only the Sabres could stop.

they should die

Do Buffalo Fans know the rules?

tossup between Band C. F is impossible at this point, and D and E are pretty darned unlikely. A is not going to happen with Pittsburgh playing like they have been.

Rebroadcast of the NHL Skills Competition?

B. the devils have a game at hand. and they have more wins...

Has anyone meet the dallas stars players?

I'm a Flyers fan, so smacks for putting my team on blast, LOL.

To actually answer your question, I gotta go with 'that other Pennsylvania team.' The Pens have been tearing it up this year and don't show any signs of slowing down. New Jersey does have two vict- I mean games left against Philly though, so Pittsburgh is going to really have to reach down if they want to overcome that 4-point deficit (because as much as it pains me to say it, I don't see Philly beating NJ. Or anyone else the rest of the way, for that matter).

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The Pens are too talented.

How awesome was the Redwings game last night?


I would like it if F won it but you know...that isnt gonna happen.=]

Was trading Joe Thornton to San Jose the worst trade in hockey history?

devils have injuries, any time elias isnt playing, they slump
they havent been so good lately
i think pittsburgh will catch them

Who else thinks it's about time for the population of Pominville to increase?


Who wants to see the penquins leave?

Hopefully C

Who is the worst player?


*bias warning*
The Pens have been playing better than any team in the Atlantic Division lately, besides the Rangers (except the gap between the Rangers and the Devils/Penguins is effectively insurmountable at this point). Then again the Devils won on Saturday after coming off a couple losses, so you have to think Brodeur is going to be pissed and playing his @$$ off...that and they have a game in hand on the Penguins.

I still stand by my answer...the Penguins!

Senators in 5 games?


Slightly easier schedule than the Pens going down the stretch and have more wins (the first tiebreaker).

Still Martin is looking a little tired and the devs look a little flat right now, so who knows.

Is John Leclair returning to the Flyers this season or not?


Does anyone know if Sidney Crosby has a girlfriend??

I think the Penguins will, and if they don't then the Devils by less then 10 points. I'm a Pens fan so I'm bound to pick them anyway. Oh and anyone who picks Philly should automatically have their answer removed as they aren't even in the running. If New Jersey or Pittsburgh gets 4 more points, they will be the only 2 left with a chance at it as well, so not sure why the N.Y. teams are really even included.

What do you think of this year's NHL playoffs pairings?

Pittsburgh Penguins all the way!! They have had such an amazing year not to take the Division! They have made a HUGE difference from last season to this season and they have proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. Everyone on the entire team is contributing and picking up the slack where their teammates may falter on occasion. I am so impressed with them and I am so happy to see them in the position they are in..go all the way boys!

Let's Go Pens!

What you think of this NHL AD?

C Pens kick *** simple as that

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