Will the NHL ever be like NBA or MLB?


On hockey jerseys what does the 'A' stand for?

its really funny the TWO biggest sports played in the world are Football (soccer) and Hockey, and the US put these two sports way behind American football, Baseball, Baseketball, Nascar, and even NCAA college sports. but what americans don't realize is that all american sports arent even played in europe yes you maybe have a handfull of basketball players and yes baseball is played in Japan then in South america but thats it, EVEN DARTS IS BIGGER THEN ALL AMERICAN SPORTS AND ITS TRUE FACTS. well we all know football (soccer) is huge and the #1 playing sport in the world. but Hockey is actually #2 playing sport in the world and is growing bigger and bigger there are countries that are registered in the IIHF here are all the registered teams, and if you carefully look at the list and not blow it off like most americans that just don't understand this beautiful game or trid to skate and kept falling down and just give up. LOOK THERE TEAMS FROM MEXICO, AUSTRALIA, EVEN IN SOUTH AFRICA AND THE SPORT KEEPS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER, YES IT COSTS ALLOT OF MONEY TO PLAY THIS GAME COMPARE TO YOUR SOCCER, BASEBALL, AND BASKETBALL BUT ITS GROWING FAST AND ONE DAY WILL BECOME THE NUMBER ONE SPORT IN THE WORLD. SOCCER IS NUMBER ONE RIGHT NOW AND AMERICANS DON'T DOMINATE AND IT DOES GREAT WITHOUT THEM. THATS THE ONLY REASON WHY AMERICANS DON'T LIKE THESE TWO BIGGEST MOST PLAYED SPORTS IN THE WORLD IS CAUSE THE US DOESNT DOMINATE SOCCER AND HOCKEY PLAN AND SIMPLE. and there plenty of other countries in this IIHF that are not on the list so just think of who popular this sport really is there are more registered hockey players in the world then people playing all 3 major american sports combined.

Baseball is falling apart its not as big as it use to be, and basketbal;l is a joke of a sport i rather watch a good game of Foosball then a basketball game. Baseball is no longer american sport its dominated by Japanese or players form Cuba, Dominican, Porto Rico etc..

1 Canada
2 Sweden
3 Czech Republic
4 Finland
5 Russia
6 Slovakia
7 United States
8 Switzerland
9 Latvia
10 Belarus
11 Kazakhstan
12 Germany
13 Ukraine
14 Denmark
15 Norway
16 Austria
17 Italy
18 Slovenia
19 France
20 Poland
21 Japan
22 Hungary
23 The Netherlands
24 Estonia
25 Lithuania
26 Romania
27 Croatia
28 China
29 Serbia and Montenegro
30 Bulgaria
31 Great Britain
32 Korea
33 Israel
34 Australia
35 Belgium
36 DPR Korea
37 Spain
38 New Zealand
39 Mexico
40 Iceland
41 South Africa
42 Turkey
43 Luxembourg
44 Ireland
45 Armenia

Kelzoo>>>>>Basketball was invented by a Canadian. LOOK IT UP.

GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!...

Female NHL player?


What is the % success in pulling your goalie in the NHL and tying the game?

Not in the US. It's a culture thing and only a small portion of the country really embraces hockey.

Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX (40) hockey stick?

No. Hockey does not have the overall appeal that the NBA and MLB have.

Why do they sing the Canadian anthem before games in Buffalo even if the Sabres are playing another U.S. team?

no way...every time there's hockey plays on the top ten on ESPN im like...what? that wasn't even cool...probably just because i dont get it...but if you ask me, very few people do

How can I contact O.J. Simpson?

nope, I like hockey as much as the next guy having played it and watched it most of my life, but the truth is it will never have wide acceptance and market appeal simply because most youth are never exposed to it. ie: soccer continues to make great strides in America simply because of all the leagues that kids are involved in at such an early age.

Does anyone know if Jerome Iginla is going to play tonight for the Calgary Flames?

No way, hockey is a boring sport to watch. Football, basketball, baseball -- now those are exciting.

Can you still rollerblade with only the back wheel and the front wheel but not the two middle ones?

Hopefully not

Will New York Rangers a Have A good season in 2007/2008?

Yes, haven't you noticed how far baseball is declining. Maybe you mean kicked out of the Olympics like Baseball/Softball was. No Hockey will remain part of the Winter Olympics. Maybe you mean popular, go to Canada and Northern US and you will see it has a following. It expanded to far South and too big.

What do you think of the video replay on controversial goals?

Not unless the climate changes, and they can have hockey rinks outdoors in places like Dallas.

Kids everywhere in the USA can play pickup basketball and baseball. Hockey is not like that in most areas.

Whatever sport lots of kids play, 10-20 years later, those kids are adults who are fans of the game.

By the way, baseball is fading, because more kids started playing hoops and football in the 80s.

Hockey helmet cage sizing?

in what way, crime empty stadiums, cheating beating up fans in the stands if that then no. Hockey is a in person sport, and regional always will be and if they concentrate on that and not expanding to areas that think cars going in circles is a sport then they will be successful where they need to be.

Hockey moves or fakes?

I sure hope not.

To fans of the sanjose sharks?

i sadly doubt it. Hockey is just not as popular in the US. Hockey teams in the US are relatively in the north or on the coasts. The NBA and NFL are popular in all parts of the country. The whole idea withe rules changing didn't help. People like seeing goals scored and hockey is not a high scoring sport

A good example is of where I live. I'm a New Jersey Devils fan and I live in New Jersey, It seems as if less and less fans go to games. True, NJ is having a major fan problem. But happening in other places.

On the news hockey is always the shortest out of all the sections.
So no i don't think it will which really is terrible.

Why is there so much fighting in ice hockey?

no the NHL will never be as big as NBA or MLB
but in other countries hockey will be a much popular sport, probably one of the top sports in any other country.
the reason why the US does not enjoy hockey is because the US is biased and will only play sports that originated from the US. Hockey was found in Canada, therefore the US will not accept it as a true american sport. Basketball and baseball (as dull as they are) will always outshine hockey in the US, but hockey as a sport is much much more popular than baseball or basketball in the world. (they probably make more money too : P)

no i do not hate the US (i'm an american anyway)
i just don't like the pigheadedness of the usa

Columbus Blue Jackets?

no way..nba and mlb are to whimpy..and hockey is NOT a whimpy sport..

NHL Refs control every game. NHL RIP?

No, but hockey fans and players should be proud of the little fact that we are the most intelligent and affluent fans of the four major North American sports.

People aren't exposed to hockey for various reasons, and that hurts the game. But people, when they get to be adults, don't like hockey because they have a hard time figuring it out.

It doesn't take much to figure out baseball or basketball. But they are also easier to get exposure to in most parts of the United States.

Who just saw game 5 of calgary vs. detroit.?

Hockey does not have the same appeal to americans mostly in part that there are limited resources in America and most kids aren't brought up playing hockey like in Canada. Kids here are brought up playing Baseball. But my sons will play hockey no matter what.

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