How in the heck is the Buffalo Sabres jersey the best selling jersey in the NHL?

Trying to find a marketing expert to help me come up with real sales numbers as I try to get the organization to get rid of their horrific new logo.


Who will be the 8 teams going to the play-offs in the eastern conference?

1. New Logo,
2. Best team in the NHL,
3. Very dedicated fan base.
The new logo kinda grows on you after awhile, & it's great to see them back in Blue & Gold, as it should be. I say anything is an improvement over the old "Angry Goat Head".

What is +/- in hockey stats?

Maybe because they are in the running to be the #1 team. I don't know, good question.

What kind of Roller Hockey Skates SHould I buy?

New Logo means fans will buy the new jersey to stay current. Add to that the Bandwagon fans that never bought a jersey before. There is how it has become the best selling jersey.

How is the +/- category calculated in hockey?

You said it yourself, its new.

Is there a round by round of the fight on the computer tonight ?

Because teams like the RedWings don't change their logo every 2 years as a cheap way for sealing more merchandise.

Who was the last Leaf to score at Maple Leaf Gardens?

They have an extremely loyal fan based that has to have the latest Sabres items.

What trades should be made for the mtl canadiens or trades in general?

New logo and #1 position. However I agree - the logo needs to go.

Does Anaheim goalie J.G. Guigere wear a turtleneck when he is in goal?

Which one? They have about 5 different styles! ;) LOL!

Why is the Detroit hockey team named the Dead Things?

They have crazy devoted fans who want everything they can get their hands on if it has to do with their team and who can blame them the sabres are hot and what else are you gonna do in Buffalo?

Do you think the NHL referees are reverting back to their old ways?

cup crazy- the sabres ordered 18,000 jerseys to sell for the whole year going by averages but before thanksgiving there were already over 45,000 ordered by fans. nhl com took the jerseys off line for quite a while because they were flooded with requests and they could`nt deliver. the sabres are "hot" right now and sabre fans are heavy at every away game w/jerseys
besides , any southern teams or california teams do`nt sell tickets let alone jerseys,

Who is better yzerman or mario lemieux?

Look who is in first in the eastern conference dude, that should be sufficient evidence as to why the logo is HOT! Also we are dedicated to our Sabres through thick and thin. People are jealous because we are so good and will be heading to the cup unlike those LOSER LEAFS FANS HAHA!

Are the Dead Wings toast tonight?

just because their new that's all nobody had one so they bought one. everybody had the old jersey. any other team changed their jersey they to will sell allot over the year. look for next year with the new RBK jersey's the teams will sell allot next year also not just the Sabres but all the NHL teams will. and plus it helps for the Bandwagon fans to show their team there supporting this year.

GO HABS GO!!!!!!!1

What is a 1979 Wayne Gretzky Trading Card worth?

because ppl are wagonhoppers! they couldnt care less wat the jersey looks like as long as the team wins.

just like when ppl buy yankees stuff
stupid front runners

Best Mullet in the NHL.?

first of all the logo is not horrific it is a rlly nice logo if u look at it, better then alot of logos out there. And the jerseys is the best selling jersey not only becuz its new but becuz its different. its not the same old different color on the shoulder and a couple stripes on the bottom is new and it catches ppls attention plus the sabres are just amazingly awesome. AND its not only becuz there new cuz look at anahiems jerseys its brand new and wheres that on the ranking like in the middle. finnaly cuz here in buffalo we are die hard fans and always will be.. we have gone through some of the worst sports moments and no matter what we still support our teams.

What is worst, watching Saddam die, or watching the leafs die?

You all are right and wrong. There are a lot of bandwagon fans that just get the teams that are hot. But, there is also a ton of loyal fans from Buffalo that have suffered for so many years as the team has gone from being mediocre, to having an owner that embezzaled all the money and made the team go bankrupt, to a team that the owner actually cares and has put a good product on the ice. He is not afraid to spend money to make the team competative.
If it is just because they have a new logo- then why didn't it sell a ton when they changed it 15 years ago? They say that they change jerseys all the time, It is only the second time in their history that they have changed their jerseys.

N e one goin to the Wild vs. Jackets game friday?

they are the winningest team in the NHL this year and they just got new jerseys

Who did the Kings get for Norstrom?

because they are in the running to be the #1 team.

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