Why do some people call the Montreal Canadians Habs?


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its their nickname that was given years ago. the Montreal Canadiens real name is Le Club de Hockey Canadiens. that's what the C and H stands for Club and Hockey. the H doesn't stand for Habs in french it Habitant.

Habitants is the name used to refer to both the French settlers and the America-born inhabitants of French origin who farmed the land along the two shores of the St. Lawrence waterway in what is the present-day Province of Quebec in Canada.

and heres a site on everything youd like to know about the Montreal Canadiens.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/montreal_ca...

GO HABS GO!!!!!!1

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habs is the canadiens nickname that is short for les habitants which was first used as a nickname for the french settlers. they are reffered to as habs because they were the first NHL team. some people insist that is why they have an H on there jersey. its not, it for theiur franchise name Club de hockey canadien.

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habitans de montreal!

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" les habitants" roughly translated is "the home team" , a nickname habs fans have always called their team.

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I think this is the third time this week that question has been answered.

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