OK we get it ...Crosby is a great player. Can we move on and focus on some of the players still in playoffs?!


What's the best way to build a championship team?

The NHL didn't pay the refs enough money to keep Crosby in the playoffs. So they have to resort to "human interest" stories.

Next week you'll hear about him saving an old lady's cat from a tree.

Do you think Brody can break the record for most wins in one season?

who is still in the playoffs? people watch hockey?

More props for the young devils?

You can move on (which, judging by this question, you are having a hard time doing) but if other people want to focus on something in the RECENT NEWS then don't participate in the question. This isn't the NHL playoff category, it is HOCKEY and therefore it is what it is. I personally think it is a pretty big story.

Suggestions, please?

Guys play injured all the time. Yzerman used to walk into the building on crutches, but played. Rick Tochett broke his jaw, in the finals, came back in the same game and scored, even with players still poking him in the face, because they knew it would hurt. Guys do it all the time, because thats what hockey players do. I am sure Sydney's foot, was not broken, but a bone in his foot was, It is just not as dramatic to say, he had a broken bone in his foot, but better to say, his foot was broken. It still hurts, yes, but its not a big deal.

Wanting a live stream of the Sabres/Rangers NHL game today--anyone know how or where?

No CROSBY is awesome he played the the last month with a broken foot and he is still the best

Calling all true Hockey Fans!! NHL Point system question?

Well by asking a Crosby question you just enticed more people to continue talking about it.

Brothers never played on same team nor against one another. Yet are amongst highest scoring brothers ?

Sure. Put your attention on guys like zach parise.

Will shanny play tonight?

No. He's the only the NHL has to market! It's a niche sport and Overchkin didn't make the playoffs so that's the way it is... The only hope for you Crosby bashers is that your Con Cherry up in Toronto gets to him mentally. Not gonna focking happen and Canada can lick Crosby's balls at the WJHC tournament now. Con Cherry can take his troops and stick them up his hairy ***.

Why do Canadians love Hockey so much?

Yea! Let's focus on Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau! Let's focus on teal and the Sharks! Good times.good times!

What can i do to get rust off my blades?

agreed! it's like when espn constantly talked about peter foresberg during games back in the day - when colorado wasn't even playing. berry melrose. he's a jackass.
but back to sid the overrated kid - yes, i was sick of him all during the season & i'm more sick of hearing about him now. are they going to discuss his golf game next?

I love the Flyers, but, left my guy who I used to watch them with?

Brodeur is better!!!

If you're stick is between your foot and the puck...?

how are you gonna say that crosby is the only market for the nhl when the buffalo sabres sold the most overall team jerseys and sold out every home game for this year and sold out for next year too.

Who has had a better career in the NHL than the Red Wings?

I have to agree. Crosby's talented, but he didn't play very well in the playoffs. Yeah, it was his first time, but enough's enough. Even all these new commercials for the playoffs have him and the Pens in them, and they were eliminated! Granted, if they were worshipping Zach Parise or Marty Brodeur, I probably wouldn't be complaining as much, but he's not the only young, talented player in the NHL.

Will the penguins add a defensemen before the deadline?

WHAT? Crosby is out of the playoffs? I hope he wasn't too busy whining to notice...

NHL Reseeding after 1st Round?

I agree with you , I love Sid the Kid, but I'm sick of hearing his name.

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