Is sidney crosby's 120 point season a bit dissapointing?

don't you guys think that sid's 120 point season was a bit low. considering lemieux's 140+ point campaign in his sophmore season, not to mention him missing 10 games; I think crosby underachieved in terms of comparisions to lemieux and gretzky. does anyone agree? people were saying crosby would get around 140+ points this year. either way..remarkable season. But when your being compared to lemieux and gretzky, you need to perform like no one else. Joe thornton hasn't recieved this type of attention, and look at his season last year: 125 points.


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no i dont think it was disapointing because he played on a broken foot in the REGULAR SEASON for about a month or two and he is only 19
And plus nobody likes Joe Thorton

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I don't think the kid should be compared to Gretzky or Lemieux. Furthermore, the only disappointment in that dressing room should be directed at their goaltending and defense.

Was that some sort of statement by the Calgary coaching staff?

I thought the comparisons to Mario and Gretz were unfair coming in for Crosby. They were two of the greatest ever, and no matter how good someone looks pre-NHL, it's impossible to project where a player might end up amongst the greats all time. Just look at Eric Lindros and Alexander Diagle. They were both expected to be Hall of Famers, but they won't be. That said, Crosby was a can't miss if there ever was one. He took pre- draft hype to a whole new level. This player is something special to say the least. Yes, 120 points may not be quite as high as Gretz or Mario, but keep in mind that was a different era. There was a LOT of scoring, especially on the Oiler's all out blitz offense-first firewagon hockey. Even in the "new" NHL with all the crackdowns, it's nowhere close to how open the game used to be in the 80's and early 90's.
As for Thornton, he had a pretty decent finisher on his line by the name of Jonathon Cheechoo last year, like Gretzky had Kurri. Crosby has yet to find a steady linemate, but still put up 120 points. In my opinion, no one will ever eclipse Gretz, because of three simple reasons.
1. Game is more defensive and strategical.
2. Gretzky produced year in year out for 20 years without any serious injuries,
3. It will be very difficult to assemble the depth of scoring talent that surrounded Gretzky in a cap era.

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It's harder to score goals now than it used to be too. Still very impressive to be the top point scorer of all the hockey players.

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He has 222 points in 160 games! This means he has 1,39 point per game average! The great one had 1,92 point per game average durring his career... Lemieux, 1,88! Can't be disappointing!

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Wow, are you a Pens fan? I can't believe you are questioning the most exciting player in the league this year. I know that Gretz and Mario are still fresh in our minds, but they played in a different era. You can have these arguments all day and always get different answers. Gretz vs. Howe, Chelios or Pronger or Lidstrom vs. Orr. Mario vs. Dionne. Roy vs. Luongo.

It's fun to compare, especially if the players are retired or nearing the end of their career. Comparing Syd to those guys is not fair to him. He could achieve that level and status. I hope that he does for the good of the league. Even better, he and Ovechkin can duke it out every year for the scoring title. Whatever builds interest.

Crosby's season was in no way an underachievement. If you are upset about the first round exit, look at how well the team that knocked the Pens out is doing. Pittsburgh will contend for at least the next 2-3 seasons.

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Uh no its not disappointing at all, for all the reasons people above me said.

Also if you are a Pens fan, you deserve to be banned from Mellon Arena for the next 2 years and 4 months and then banned from the new arena for life.

What do you guys think about crosby?

yes it was i dont understand all the hype about crosby alexander ovechkin is at least 3 times better crosby is like gretzky but way less skilled the players around him protect him and he still cant perform how wayne did in that situation ovechikin is tougher and more skilled

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That's not disappointing at all. When Gretzky and Lemieux played hockey the game was a lot different. Hockey has changed a lot since then, it takes a lot stronger of a player to be able to acheive those statistics.

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Crosby is 19. Thornton is 27

Have you noticed all the foreign players on American professional teams? What's up with that?

He led the league in scoring. Why would that be disappointing? The fact of the matter is the league dynamic has changed since the 80s. Goaltending is slightly better, and defensemen are bigger. Defensive schemes are a little better now. He can't be compared with Gretzky or Lemieux yet. He is just the best young talent in the league now.

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