Which is better Wood Hockey Sticks or Composite Hockey Sticks?


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the person two spots above me is mostly right, but has things mixed up: Wood is harder to break then composite. The main advantage of composite is that they are designed to be lighter and to make the puck go faster. However, if you are at a level below NHL, you won't be able to use the stick to it's full potential, and the only thing that' different is weight. You can get different flexes in both wood and composite, so that's not an issue.

However, Price is a biggie. Wood is much cheaper.

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wood sticks dont break like composite but all the pros use composite well most all do.

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depends on what you are looking for. wood sticks will give you a much better feel of the puck, but are less durable, prone to bowing (especially if you use the stick for a long time), and far more likely to break - particuarly the blade. composite sticks have far more durable shafts, but you will sacrifice some feel for the puck. they tend to break less often, although the blade like any stick is still vulnerable, and you won't have to deal with bowing.

you've got to decide how long you want to use it for. if you plan on buying a bunch and using a new one every few games, then wood is the way to go. if you want to buy a couple and have them last for a while, i'd go composite. you'll get used to the diminished feel for the puck after a while.

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it depends on how strong you are because if you are really strong you should use a wood or a stiff composite otherwise the stick will snap all the time. I think that composite are better because they have more flex which is better for shooting and are lighter which is better for handling. i would go for a composite

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If you have a composite stick it won't weigh as much. Therefore, you can get a better shot off. And from experience, they don't break as fast as wood sticks do.

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I have not found a composite stick comfortable for me. They have too much flex for my taste. But some people swear by them. So my answer is to know what you want out of a stick and get one that fits those needs.

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if you've been playing with a wood stick, you should stick with it.

It may take you too long to get comfortable with a composite and that would be a loss to your game.

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im old school and love the wood stick but late in the game i will switch to a composite stick when it gets nasty so i dont get stuck with a broken stick

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The choice of a stick is a personal choice. The feel of a particular stick might be good in someone's hands but not necessarily feel good in yours. There are so many different types of sticks with the flex, the curve pattern etc...

You should go to a shop and just grab sticks and see what feels good in your hands. Don't forget your gloves.

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I used to love wooden sticks but now that I have a composite, much lighter, faster puck handling. Even faster poke checks. It's supposed to diminsh your slapper a little, but my slap has never been a big deal. So I'd go with a Composite. But better would be up to you.

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I said it before,
I'll say it again;
If God meant for Hockey Sticks to made of anything besides wood
He would have made trees out of Carbon Fiber
That's why they call 'em "twigs"
But that's just me

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