Is there checking in house league hockey pee wee division (ages 11 & 12 ), or does it vary by leagues?


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My cousin plays hockey and he's in a beginner division for 8 year olds and they're not allowed to check, but I think the next division is allowed to check. so I'd say yes 11-12 is probably allowed... but i'm sure it depends on where they're playing... it's not like pee wee hockey rules are set in stone.

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It can vary. My son plays competitive hockey in London ontario, as minor atom (9yr olds) and there is checking. Some cities we play in tournaments have a no checking rule, so i think it varies from city to city.

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checking for my area started at the pewee level

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When I was a pee wee, checking was allowed. The year before that, when I was a squirt, there was no checking. Although I'm not sure if it varies by leagues.

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I started checking in Squirts. Actually I got checked in Squirts.
I'm sure it varies.

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