How great was the Bruins game last night vs. the Islanders? P.S. Yankees Suck?


Ok. Playoffs are almost set. Who's the favorite to win teh Stanley Cup this year?

How much does it suck to be a Bruins fan nowadays.
It pretty much stands as Joe Thornton for Marco Sturm, Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew...

Would you vote this as the save of the season?

the Bruins traded Stuart and Wayne Primeau to the Calgary.

that will screw things up quite a bit!

Boston winning in a shoot-out... whooda thunk?

Do you remember the first hockey game you ever attended?

i wasnt able to watch the game. but i know miro scored!

What do you think the main focus should be next year for the Dallas Stars?

The Yankees don't suck. The Bruins do though.

Santa barbara hockey?

i didnt get to see the game.. what the heck do the yankees have to do with a hockey game?

Today is the 40th aniversy of the the Leafs winning the Stanley cup do you think they will do it agian?

Post that Yankees coment in baseball, even if it is true. I'm supposing u said that cuz ur from Boston since they hate the Yankees and ur talking about the Boston Bruins.

but yah it was cool

Quest for the cup april 29?

Chara was absolutely nasty in the shootout. Im a huge Bruins fan but I am also a Yankees fan. 26 RINGS PEACE!!!!!!

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