What are the major differences between International and North American play?


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do they not also run the clock from 0 to 20 mins for periods ? and NA will never use "olympic" size ice .. wont fit as many $EAT$ !! also with the recent reinstatement of the tag up rule on offsides in the nhl and goalie interference and the change of size in goalie equipment . i think the nhl pads are smaller now. also the elimination of the two line pass from the nhl might be different from intn'l

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Rink size, international is larger

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The obvious different is rink size. The international rink size of larger than the NHL rink size. The international game is opened up much more with all that extra room.

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international play is like a world stage were north a America is a Conant stage, like the u.s. and Canada is called north America.

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Because of the larger ice in international play, the players tend to skate faster and if you look at the international players that come to play in the NHL (Malkin) you will see they are more frantic on the smaller ice and think they can deke past players more often.

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auto icing

rink size

international always was considered faster and more finess but many beg to differ now

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