Does Sidney Crosby like European hockey?


Do you laugh when referees wipe out on the ice on national TV?

Hockey in Europe is getting more and more like the North American style of hockey. 10-15 years ago they hardly even hit or fought but they do now. I would say the answer is yes but only because it is so similar to our game.

Bill Guerin's recent hatrick for the sharks was only a month since he scored against the sharks.?

This is the worst and most pointless hockey question I have seen. If you want to know his favorite cereal, romantic comedy, and team he hopes he is traded to-ask him or stalk him or have an imaginary conversation with him. How the hell would anyone know any of these things. Wait I am sorry-he loves European hockey-and he think he loves you.

Why during a face off in hockey .?

Just probably some little girl that knows nothing about hockey and thinks he is cute so she wants to be his like number one fan like for sure! get a life.

Who will the Sabres re-sign next year?

maybe, ask him

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