Who is better the islanders or the hurricanes?


How annoying is TSN hockey analyst, Pierre Maguire?

The Hurricanes have the most depth whereas the Islanders have more star power.
Unfortunately for NYI, intangibles come into play such as Yashin's lack of heart.
Being that hockey is a team game, the edge goes to the Hurricanes.

Which NHL team has the best home atomosphere?


NHL tickets approx. price?

they are both equally bad

Is Brian Leetch retired?


So Tootoo gets 5 games?

Islanders just because i hate the Hurricanes.

Do you think the ducks/redwings have what it takes to beat the sens?

I don't like both teams but I much rather eat Fishsticks than see the Canes win another Cup.

In other words, give me the Islanders.

Who are the top Free agents this year?

I think the Hurricanes are better only because they have better forwards, defense, and definetly a better goalie. You can tell Cam Ward has been playing goalie since he was little because he rarely lets the puck go into the net at all. Also the coach has many drills for the team because he watches NHL all the time on the TV.

UND or BC.who do you like?

the Islanders, simply because they're not the hurricanes

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